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Your Leather Store in Denver Talks Summer Fashion Trends

May 23, 2018

Summer makes its official arrival this year on June 21, and with summer, comes a chance to bring out all of your favorite warm-weather pieces. Is your closet ready for the change in seasons? Are you on top of all the latest summertime trends? Is a shopping trip in your future to update your look? Keep reading for tips from your leather store in Denver to find out more about what you should be wearing this summer as well as how you can keep leather in your wardrobe.

Colors That Are On Trend

The runways at the spring and summer fashion shows were full of pastel colors that look like they were pulled right out of your Easter basket. Picture pretty pinks and robin’s egg blues. But the other end of the spectrum was also well represented with bright, bold colors, such as electric blue and dandelion yellow. Any of these colors will pair well with a classic black skirt or tailored black pant. Check out your closet for what you might already have.

Wearing Leather in the Summer

Denver’s high altitude means that even in the summer, there are many cool nights—and a leather jacket can be just perfect. You can wear your leather with jeans, a dress, or a skirt—regardless of the style. If your leather jacket is brown, you can pair it with soft pastels. If your leather jacket is black, try wearing it with bolder colors for an edgier look.

Dresses, Dresses, and More Dresses

From classic A-line to baby doll style that nods to the nineties—and everything in between—you can’t go wrong with a dress this summer. Not only are dresses cooler than pants, but they add a level of sophistication to your look. Dress it up or down, depending on your shoes and accessories. A classic black dress can be sophisticated with a pair of heels and a scarf, or it can be simple and sweet with a pair of casual flipflops and a trendy trucker’s cap. (A dress also looks great with a leather jacket!)

If you need to add a few new dresses to your summer wardrobe and need some ideas on styles to try out, here’s Vogue magazine’s take on the hottest dresses for summer 2018.

Are you excited for the new season in clothing? Make sure you stay on point with your look—and don’t make these fashion blunders!

Do you want to add some leather pieces to your summer wardrobe that you can potentially wear all year long? Jonval Leathers and Furs can help! Check out the ins and outs of matching and how to pair a leather jacket with the rest of your wardrobe. When you are ready to find the perfect leather jacket or accessory, let us help. We have a large selection of leathers, furs, shearlings, and accessories for you to incorporate into your day-to-day wardrobe. We are located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. We look forward to seeing you!

Common Clothing Mishaps and How Denver Leather Repair Will Help

May 16, 2018

You’re at an event, function, or somewhere around several people—or getting ready to
leave. Everything is going well until, oh no! You have a clothing mishap! Clothing and
wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. Thankfully for you, there are a few fixes that
can help hold you over or fix the problem. Learn about the top issues and learn how your
Denver leather shop will help.

Broken Zipper

One of the common issues with zippers is that they get stuck. This often happens and can
usually come loose when using an oil-free liquid or solid to help encourage movement. In
other cases, the zipper may not close. This may happen because a piece of the “teeth” is out
of place and can be pushed back into place. The pull and slider part of the zipper also
sometimes don’t stay on track. You can use pliers to put them back in place.

Missing Buttons

If you find your shirt or pants is missing a button and are in a pinch for a solution to hold
you over, you have a few options. Find a paper clip, twist tie, or pin to hold the area in place
until you can sow on a new button.

Shoe Scuffing

When shoes become scuffed, it can be an obvious malfunction. One of the ways to remove it
is with toothpaste! Place a small amount on a towel and rub over the area. Dish liquid can
also help as well. Have a pencil nearby? Grab the eraser and gently rub on the area. Be
cautious for any of these methods as harsh rubbing can cause further damage. If you are in
a position you can run to a store, you can pick up shoe scuffing products that are specific to
the fabric of your shoe and will resolve the problems.

Spills and Stains

One of the most common issues that happen with clothing is staining. It always seems to
happen when you are proudly sporting a light-colored shirt that seems to magically attract
dark liquids or saucy foods. Your first step is to take a napkin or towel and dab the stain to
soak up as much as possible. Next, if you don’t have a stain removing pen or wipe, you can
try makeup removing wipes, white wine vinegar, and more. It is important that you use the
right cleaner for your clothing to not further ruin it. Explore these foolproof stain removal


Don’t have an iron to get the wrinkles out of your clothes? No problem! If you are at a place
with a dryer, pop it in with a few other pieces of clothing and it will help remove the
wrinkles. If you don’t have the option of using a dryer, there are other options. You can
spray with a small amount of water and hang to dry, place your shirt near a very hot
shower for a few minutes, or even take a hair straightener over the affected areas!

Are you having issues with any of your leathers? Jonval in Denver has you covered for all of
your leathers, as well as furs, shearlings, and accessories. As you explore Denver leather
repair and common leather alterations, take advantage of our services to take care of your
issues and fix your wardrobe mishaps! Visit us today at 6880 E. Evans Drive today.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet from Your Local Leather Store in Denver

May 9, 2018

Spring is not just the ideal time to clean your closet, but also to refresh and reorganize. While you may not realize it, an inefficient closet can take up extra time to search through. Also, the way you are storing clothes and leathers could potentially be ruining the items! As you transition to your spring attire, give your closet some much needed attention. From purging and storing, to properly using space and caring for items, use these techniques to make your closet work for you.

Purge or Store

Your top priority before tackling your closet should be to purge items you no longer need and store things that do not belong elsewhere. You may be thinking of just the clothes but look at the closet in its entirety. What do you have in your closet and does it belong there? Ask yourself if there are items that are not clothes or could have a better location that will allow you to use more space where needed. Next, get rid of any clothes you do not wear. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “have I worn this in the last year or two? Will I actually ever wear this?” If you would like to keep something for sentimental value, consider storing elsewhere. Keep your closet to the items you rotate through frequently.

Smart Ways to Utilize Shelves, Bins and More

The goal of a great closet reorganization is to make the space work for you and not the other way around. Once you’ve taken inventory and have everything in your closet that fits, consider what you use most. Think about what difficulties you may have. For instance, if you store jewelry or scarves that are harder to navigate to, find ways to be more efficient. This may include:
  • Adding a shelf under your clothing with bins for easy access to jewelry and accessories
  • Get creative with the space—there is not a rule that says shelves can only have racks and closet-length shelves! Mix and match racks and shelves, incorporate bins and drawers (with dividers), and more. Get inspiration from the best closet organizers, according to professional organizers
  • Use the appropriate hangers to best suit the items you are hanging, as many times people will ruin clothing by using the same style of hanger for everything in their closet
  • Take advantage of unused space—for instance, the back door of a closet is great for hanging scarves, purses or other accessories

Clothing and Leather Care

Delving into caring for your clothing, shoes, and accessories, there is much more you can do in addition to properly hanging or storing them. When cleaning your clothing, make sure to always read what the label says for washing techniques. Cotton can typically be washed on a warm setting, but many other fabrics do best with cool. For your leathers, make sure the closet you store it in is not humid as humidity can be damaging. Also, always make sure to hang leathers to allow for air to properly circulate around them. The care and feeding of your Denver custom leather jacket is important—so be sure to care for your investment!  

Are you ready to add more leather to your closet? Or find the perfect accessory? Add to your wardrobe this spring by stopping in Jonval. We have a large selection of leathers, furs, shearlings, and accessories for you to incorporate into your day-to-day. We are located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. We look forward to seeing you!

Top 3 Things to Do with Your Denver Leather Jackets

May 2, 2018

Are you wondering what you can do with your leather jacket? Perhaps you are ready for a new style or ways to stand out? Give new life to your Denver leather jackets with these tips! From making your jacket the spotlight of an outfit and accessorizing, to alterations or custom changes, try some of these premier fashion tips as you switch over to your spring wardrobe.

Making Your Jacket the Spotlight of an Outfit

You can make your leather jacket as the centerpiece of an outfit. The main thing to keep in mind is to not let other pieces you wear overshadow it. At the same time, it must coordinate with what you are wearing, too. First, always pair a leather jacket with great shoes. Opt for shoes of a matching color to the jacket, such as black or brown boots, heels, etc. If you are going for a more casual look, wear a nice pair of clean, white sneakers. Working your way up, choose a subtle pair of paints that work well with the material of your jacket, such as dark denim or black pants. For a shirt, also keep it simple. Solid color shirts pair well with a leather jacket. If you have a black or dark brown jacket, opt for white or a light color for some pop, or a darker color that doesn’t clash.

Accessorizing with Your Jacket

One of the top things leather jacket owners love about this piece is how flexible they can be with an outfit. Spruce up your attire by accessorizing.
  • Women: A woman can choose a statement earring of a finish that matches any of the parts on your jacket. Pair it with a matching bracelet and simple, chic handbag. A popular trend for women in recent months is draping. This is when the jacket is draped over the shoulders, without putting the arms through the sleeves. Find inspiration with the eight intriguing ways to wear a leather jacket.
  • Men: For men, a great belt is a perfect accessory for a leather jacket. Another go-to item that is popular is a messenger bag. This can be a great accent to the outfit that also will help serve a functional purpose, perfect for on-the-go people.

Alterations or Custom Changes

If your leather jacket no longer fits properly, is out of style, or needs some love, one of the best options you have is to have your local leather specialist make adjustments. In some cases, a person is looking for the perfect jacket that they just can’t find. This is where the piece can be recreated to match the look and quality you are looking for. Whether it is a large revamp or a few adjustments to fit properly, this is your go-to option to bring leathers back to life.

Looking to be unique? Try these custom leather ideas. To help you with all of your leather needs this season, Jonval Leathers and Furs. As your trusted, go-to leather expert, we have a wide selection of jackets for you to add to your wardrobe or can help you with custom solutions. Stop by and see us Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or call at 720-377-1555 for more information.

Common Fashion Blunders Explained by Your Leather Store in Denver

April 25, 2018

Your style is not just a first impression to the world but is a representation of who you are. Style helps tell the story of you and showcases your personality. However, in some cases, it is easy to make some fashion mistakes. That’s okay, we all have a blunder here or there! Review this list of top fashion blunders people make, from your local leather store in Denver.

Ill Fitted Clothing

When clothes do not fit properly, not only will you look disheveled, but will be uncomfortable too. Some examples of ill-fitted clothing include:
  • Pants that are too long
  • Shirts that are too big or too small
  • Suits or gowns that are not tailored to your body
  • Sleeves that are too long or short

The best thing you can do to help you with any of your larger clothing is to have a tailor fit the clothing to your body type. If it is too tight or unable to be repaired, it may be time to invest in some new pieces for your closet.

Poor Color Combinations

Mixing colors is a great way to be bold and show your personality. However, you need to be smart with your decision. Never create an outfit with over three different colors—especially bold colors. They all need to complement each other. The same rule applies to patterns. Wondering how to match clothes when you’re clueless about color matching? It is really not as difficult as you may think!

Choosing Pleather instead of Leather

Some people choose pleather, which is fake leather, over the real thing to cut costs. It actually has a variety of downsides to the real thing—including that it is clear it is not real leather. First, pleather does not have the same breathability as actual leather. It may keep you warmer or cooler because it does not let air in. Pleather is also not eco-friendly due to the materials it is made of. Last, it is much easier to damage over actual leather.

Wrong Accessories

When accessorizing, you can take a create outfit and take a turn for the first with an accessory faux pas. First, avoid mixing a variety of trends—especially if they are bold. Stick to one or two, without two large accessories trying to compete with each other. Speaking of which, avoid having too many accessories. Have a goal to have one large statement piece or a couple smaller accessories. A few other things to avoid include socks with open sandals, velour jumpsuits, lines showing through clothing, scrunched pants with boots, sweaters with pillage, and wrinkled clothing.

Make sure you are avoiding fashion mistakes and blunders by stopping Jonval Leathers and Furs. Our showroom has a variety of jackets and other fashionable items and accessories. We’ll make sure you look great, are fashionable, and avoid all fashion faux pas! We’ll teach you how to wear our Denver leather jacket with style—making you the talk of all of your friends. Stop in and see us at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver.