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Keep your Denver leather jacket looking like new this winter

October 23, 2020

Your Denver leather jacket is a versatile, durable, and (most of all) beautiful investment piece. When properly cared for, these gorgeous garments can last decades. However, late fall and early winter conditions can cause some wear and tear on these pieces. If you have noticed your favorite leather jacket losing a bit of its luster, try these tips to keep it looking like new!

Read the label

One of the easiest ways to keep your Denver leather jacket looking great is to read the care instructions. While some jackets can withstand certain levels of water and heat exposure, others can be destroyed by these. Always check the manufacturer’s label (frequently located on the interior of the jacket around the neck or torso) and follow it to the letter. If you are unsure or cannot find the care instructions, contact our leather experts for guidance.

Invest in professional cleaning and tailoring

Related to following the care instructions, most (if not all) quality leather jackets require professional cleaning and tailoring. Never attempt to wash or dry your leather jacket at home. Dryers can deplete your supple leather of its moisture, leaving you with a dried and cracked garment. Washing your leather can also destroy it, as many leathers require very specific cleaning conditions. Although the winter is a great time to get your jacket cleaned, be sure the cleaners you choose are well-versed in leather maintenance. Having your leather cleaned at least once a year by a professional is a great way to keep it shiny, soft, and supple.

Tailoring your jacket once every few years is also a great way to keep it looking new. Just as our bodies change year-to-year, your leather jacket can also change over time. If your jacket is ill-fitting or needs a style update, getting it professionally tailored by a leather expert is the perfect solution.

Hang and store properly

Hanging and storing your leather jacket properly is one of the most important steps to keeping it looking its best. Although you may be tempted to fold your jacket, this can cause unwanted cracks and creases. When not wearing your jacket, it is best to hang it. When hanging your jacket, always avoid wire hangers as these can create permanent, unwanted bumps and creases in the shoulders. Instead, we recommend using wide, padded hangers that do not distort the shape of your jacket. It is also important to hang your jacket in a well-ventilated closet that does not receive direct sunlight, as this can discolor the leather.

When you are ready to retire your jacket for the season, we also recommend utilizing professional storage options, like the ones at Jonval. These temperature-controlled facilities are the perfect option to keep your leather jacket in pristine condition! If you have any questions about maintaining, repairing, storing, or cleaning your Denver leather or fur- we are here to help. Give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our fantastic inventory of leather and fur. Discover your perfect Denver leather jacket at Jonval Leather and Fur! 

Purchase your perfect Denver fur coat this winter

October 19, 2020

With temperatures beginning to plummet, you may find yourself ready to invest in a new Denver fur coat. These luxurious, timeless garments are magnificent at keeping you warm, especially during blustery Colorado winters. With so many types of fur to choose from you may be feeling unsure of what kind to buy, especially if this is your first time purchasing a fur coat. Each type of fur offers its wearer something unique with different looks and feels. Because of this, we have assembled a quick guide to a few of the most popular varieties in order to help you purchase the perfect fur coat.

A truly luxurious material, chinchilla is one of the most sought-after fur varieties in the world. Great for those with allergies to traditional fur pelts, this hypoallergenic option is renowned for its softness and beauty. Chinchilla coats are typically higher in price. However, they offer wearers a silky, warm, and extremely comfortable experience. These coats also tend to be fuller and heavier, which may add some bulk to your silhouette.

A durable and colorful option, Mink coats and accessories have been popular for decades all over the world. With natural colors ranging from blue and lavender hues to velvety browns, mink is perfect for those looking for a timeless and durable coat. Mink hair is short, thick, and soft. Because of this, there is often less chance of fur breakage and matting. A lush, strong, and elegant material, mink is excellent for those serious about their fur coat investment. Available in longhaired and sheared varieties, when considering a mink coat be sure to check the style and quality of the garment.

A beautiful and truly durable option, beaver fur is one of the most versatile available. Offering its wearer serious warmth, beaver fur is naturally long with semi-coarse guard hair. This fashionable fur is available long and natural in beautiful chocolate colors or sheared. Available dyed in a multitude of colors, sheared beaver fur is silky soft and incredibly plush. This option is great for those looking for something resilient and slightly less expensive than other high-end pelts.

Perfect for those looking for something unique, fox is a warm, popular, and relatively affordable option. With pelts available in a wide variety of colors ranging from orange and red hues to black, fox fur is perfect for those looking for something striking. Generally long and silky, this material is ideal for a lavish coat but can also be used for muffs, capes, and scarves. Because it is a typically less expensive option, this fur is fantastic for those looking for multiple fur coat options.  
If you are finally ready to purchase your first fur coat, we have an amazing selection! Check out the Jonval leather and fur gallery to view items available or visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue. You can also stop by to have your fur and leather pieces cleaned, stored, and repaired. Contact our experts today at (720) 377-1555 to learn more.

Update your wardrobe with these Denver leather jacket trends

October 14, 2020

With fall in full swing, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe! One of the best things you can invest in this season is a new Denver leather jacket. Versatile, comfortable, and always stylish- leather jackets are complementary to almost every outfit. Between the traditional bomber to modern motorcycle styles, classic cuts are always a great option. However, if you are looking for something a bit more fashion forward, consider these chic, on-trend alternatives!

Cropped Jacket

Typically a female-dominated trend, cropped leather jackets can complement a myriad of looks and outfits.  Available in just about every type of style, this extremely versatile option is a fantastic wardrobe addition. From an asymmetrical, moto-cross cut right below the bust to a classic brown bomber cut just above the waist- cropped leather jackets are essentially just shorter, often tapered versions of their full-length counterparts. These jackets are great for showing off a tiny waist or creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette. Cropped styles are also perfect for adding a bit of edge to your sweet skirt or midi dress. For men, less extreme versions of these styles can look fantastic, especially for those with shorter torsos.


If longevity and warmth are just as important as style to you, consider a fur-lined leather jacket. This is a classic design that screams vintage style. One great fur-lined option is shearling. Shearling, or sheepskin, jackets are a beautiful alternative for those searching for something unique. Made of the sheep’s pelt, shearling jackets are luxurious, soft, and making a fashion comeback. Although a beautiful option, if you are looking for something a bit more traditional consider a beautiful leather jacket trimmed with fox fur. Fox fur is a lush and cozy option that comes in a variety of interesting patterns and colors. If you would prefer something that packs an even warmer punch, consider beaver or mink lined. Whatever type of fur-lined jacket you choose, remember these styles require serious care. Always be sure to check the label and contact an expert, like our team at Jonval, with questions.

Colored Leather
This beautiful trend is great for those looking for something truly one-of-a-kind. Popularized in the 80’s and making a giant runway comeback, colored leather is a must-have addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. This fresh and cool option is an excellent choice for those who love the street style scene. Available in every hue from forest green to blood red, there is a beautiful color for anyone looking to stand out.

Can’t Decide? Try Custom!

If you love the flattering silhouette of a cropped style, the warmth and comfort of fur-lined, and crave a color that pops- consider custom! With custom leather jackets, the possibilities are endless and tailor-made to fit your body and preferences. Custom leather jackets allow you the flexibility to mix trends and make every detail your own. At Jonval Leathers & Furs, we pride ourselves on our fantastic custom leather jacket tailoring, cleaning, and repairing services. If you have questions about custom or any of the style listed above, give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also stop by to view our fantastic inventory of fur and leather. Call us today to learn more!

Stay warm this winter in your Denver leather jacket

October 2, 2020

With temperatures beginning to plummet, you may think it is time to swap out your Denver leather jacket for something warmer. However, this is not the case. There are many ways you can wear your leather jacket and remain warm in colder temperatures. Check out our tips below so that you can keep rocking your leather jacket well into the winter!

Layer, layer, layer

While this may seem like common sense, layering your leather jacket with warmer pieces can help you stay cozy. Wearing your leather jacket over a high-neck cable knit sweater is a great option for keeping the cold at bay (while always remaining stylish). For particularly frigid temperatures, try going a step further by wearing a t-shirt or long-sleeved undershirt beneath your sweater. The additional layers can help trap body heat, keeping the cold at bay without adding bulk to your style. Another fantastic option is a fur vest. This addition to your ensemble will look great paired with a leather jacket and help keep you balmy.  

Try a quilted or hooded style

Investing in a quilted leather jacket is a great option for those in colder climates. Due to its quilted construction, this type of design creates small pocket-like compartments of insulation that offer its wearer exceptional warmth. In addition to quilted styles, hooded leather jackets also pack in the heat. Many are not aware that we lose much of our body heat through the top of our head. By choosing a hooded leather jacket style, you can cover your head reducing the body heat lost. Many leather jackets do not come with a hood. However, if you are interested in this unique and stylish feature we recommend contacting our expert tailors today!

Add accessories

Adding accessories is perhaps the easiest way to keep cozy in colder weather. Consider adding a comfy, oversized cable-knit scarf atop your Denver leather jacket to add an extra layer that keeps your neck, chest, and shoulders warm. Another fantastic winter weather accessory is a nice wool hat or beanie. This style is perfect for those without hooded leather jackets and can help you keep body heat close. Fur-lined gloves or mittens are also a great option for keeping hands and wrists warm, while also complimenting your leather jacket.

Always opt for a quality leather jacket

Although the typically less expensive option, faux and low-quality leathers provide little to no protection from the elements. That is why a high-quality leather jacket is key to staying warm in the winter. If you are looking for a quality leather jacket that keeps you cozy, Jonval Leathers and Furs is the place for you. With a wide variety of leather and fur options at your disposal, we can find, or design, the perfect jacket for you. For questions about purchasing, repairing, storing, or cleaning your Denver leather or fur- give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also view our fantastic showroom online or in-person at 6880 East Evans Avenue. Discover your perfect Denver leather jacket today!

Signs your Denver Leather Jacket Needs Alterations

September 23, 2020

Your Denver leather jacket is as stylish as it is durable. However, these investment pieces are not invincible. With decades-long lifetimes, you may find your favorite jacket needs some updating. While you can always purchase something new, you should also consider salvaging your jacket through alterations and minor repairs. If you think your jacket may be in need of alterations, take a look at some common signs for them below.  

Improper Fit

Leather jackets mold to your body over time, but what happens when that body changes? Many of us deal with fluctuations in weight, height, and other body changes that can alter the fit of your leather jacket. Although slight loosening or tightening of your jacket can be normal, if you find the fit has become much too tight or too loose it may be time to alter your jacket. Finding a tailor that specializes in leather alterations and repair is imperative for these types of modifications. We recommend discussing your concerns with our expert tailors at Jonval, as they can offer the best solutions to your fit problems. Do not try to alter your jacket at home, as this can damage your garment beyond repair.  

Loose Zippers or Fixtures

Chances are your Denver leather jacket has some hardware attached. Over time these can break down and need repair. From loose buttons to broken zippers, fixing these fixtures should always be done by a professional. If you start noticing a button, zipper, or other hardware failing, be sure to contact a local tailor that specializes in leather at once. Although it may be tempting to sow these back on by hand, this could cause serious damages to your investment piece. If the button or zipper has completely fallen off, be sure to keep the fixture as it may be difficult to find an identical replacement.

Style Update

When properly taken care of, your leather jacket can last decades. While it is true leather jackets never go out of style, some elements of the garment may need a few modern updates. For instance, if your vintage leather jacket has large, oversized shoulders or sleeves you may want a more fitted look to match the current trends. Whether you are looking for a complete jacket redesign or just need a few minor style updates, we highly recommend you contact our experts or find a local tailor that is familiar with leather alterations. If you are ready for something new but want to keep elements of your old jacket, consider turning your garment into a custom piece with our custom leather jacket services.
When it comes to Denver leather repair, trust the experts at Jonval Leather and Fur. With a wide variety of alteration and repair services, we can help with all your leather and fur needs. For questions call our team at 720-377-1555. You can also visit our showroom to view our wide selection of leather and fur coats. Contact us today to see how we can breathe new life into your leather jacket!