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Custom Leather: How Long Does The Process Take?

November 15, 2017

If you’ve been in the market for a new leather jacket, you may have looked at dozens and dozens of jackets, but haven’t been successful in finding THE jacket for you. If you’re in this situation, it may be time to consider a custom leather jacket option. A custom jacket allows you to design the jacket for you, and takes into consideration your measurements so the fit and look will be perfect. Additionally, you can choose whatever style you’re wanting to go with, whether that’s a classic look, or a motorcycle jacket.

The custom leather jacket process does take longer than walking up into a store and purchasing a premade one, however, the end result will be absolutely stunning and look immaculate on your body. It’s worth the wait!

The Process Of A Custom Leather Jacket

At Jonval, we actually do make our own line of in house manufactured leather and shearling coats and jackets. We take the old school approach which ends up with a very cool and unique result.

To start your own jacket, we’ll need to get your measurements and your ideas on what you would like your custom jacket to look like. At Jonval’s, we have virtually hundreds of leather samples to choose from in every color imaginable. Literally, the only limitation is your imagination.

After we get your measurements and a jacket style, we’ll start assembling your dream custom jacket. First, the sides are stitched to the back, the sleeves are stitched together, and then placed to the armholes. We finish the jacket by attaching finishing pieces like collars, cuffs, buttonholes, zippers, and buttons. Pockets are attached either now, or later, depending on the overall design of the jacket. If you request a lining, that will be sewn into each jacket piece before it gets sewn on.

After the pieces are all attached, your jacket will be molded and pressed to give your jacket it’s shape, whether you want a blazer-styled jacket, or bomber jacket. Steam and pressure are used in special presses to create your jacket’s style. If your jacket will have a collar or cuffs, curved blocks will be placed under them and then have heat applied to give them their shape. The blocks will be removed afterwards.

Once your jacket is sewn, shaped, and pressed, we’ll inspect every inch before it leaves the design floor and ensure it’s exactly what you ordered!

This entire process from ordering and designing your jacket to finally picking it up can range in timeline, but usually takes two to three weeks. Remember, can be a pricey investment so if you want to look your best, order a custom jacket! Curious about the entire leather jacket process? Read more here.

At Jonval, we make all of our custom leather jackets by hand right here in our Denver shop. We have so many options that the possibilities are endless. There are so many different types of leather for your custom leather garments. Contact us today for your custom jacket!

How to Keep Fur Coats in Denver From Shedding

November 8, 2017

Fur coats in Denver can be worn for decades if they are kept in good condition. But, if the coat is not stored or taken care of properly, the fur may start to shed much earlier than expected. How can you keep this from happening? Follow these tips to prevent shedding:

Avoid Friction

Fur may start to shed if it constantly rubs up against something. For example, if you wear a purse on your shoulder, the friction from the strap rubbing against the fur could cause shedding. Sitting down while wearing the fur coat will create friction between the coat and the chair, which will also lead to shedding.

Friction should be even be avoided when you’re not wearing the fur. This means making sure that the fur coat does not rub up against anything when it is hanging in your closet. Learn how to make a fur coat stop shedding.

Don’t Use Sprays

The chemicals found in hairsprays, perfumes, and body sprays can be damaging to fur coats. Many of the chemicals can cause the fur to dry out and become brittle, which means it is will shed very quickly. To prevent this problem, avoid using any of these products when you are wearing your fur coat. If you have to use one of these products, take the fur coat off before spraying the product. Then, wait a few moments before putting the fur coat back on.

Keep It Dry

It’s best to keep fur dry at all times, so try to avoid wearing a fur coat if it looks like it’s going to rain or snow outside. But, the weather can be unpredictable, so you may find yourself stuck in a storm wearing your fur coat. If the coat happens to get wet, don’t panic. Gently shake any water off of it and hang it up so that it can air dry. Do not ever use a hair dryer or any other source of heat to dry the coat quickly. Heat exposure will damage the fur and lead to irreversible shedding.

Trust the Professionals

Fur coats should not be thrown in a washing machine or taken to a dry cleaner when they need to be cleaned. Why? Being tossed around in a washing machine or exposed to harsh chemicals at the dry cleaner could damage the fur and cause shedding. For this reason, it’s best to bring the coat into a professional that solely works with fur. A professional will be able to gently clean the fur by hand. This will remove all of the dirt, chemicals, and dust on the coat without damaging the fur, so you don’t have to worry about shedding.

For more advice on how to take care of your fur coats, talk to the experts. Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of genuine furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your fur or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Leather Store Denver: Outfits That Look Great With A Black Leather Jacket

We all know that a black leather jacket, will never, ever go out of style, and black leather jackets provide a multtiude of outfit options so you can wear it with whatever style you’re going with! A staple that should be in every person’s closet, a black leather jacket can transform you style from soft and feminine to hard and edgy. Keep reading to see how to wear a leather jacket and be a fashionista from your premier Denver leather store!

1. Pair It With A Skirt

Who says a leather jacket can’t work with a feminine outfit? Pair your black leather jacket with a skirt that stands out from your classic jacket. You can go with a printed skirt, or get one that really packs a punch of color. This combination will add a touch of edgyness to your style!

2. Wear It to Work!

You can really have a “let’s make it work” moment by pairing your business casual apparel and pairing it with you black leather jacket. Make sure that this look will be appropriate for your office environment, but even pairing a lightweight and slim cut jacket can be a nice replacement for a traditional blazer. You can also pair your jacket with trousers, pumps, button-down shirts, and even pencil skirts!

3. Dress Down Your Dress Up

A black leather jacket with formal attire? Yes! If you need a wrap or a sweater to cover up for a formal engagement, or if the weather gets a bit chilly, throw on your black leather jacket! The jacket provides a contrast in shape, texture, and color to a formal gown so it’s unexpected but is also simply stylish.

4. Athleisure At It’s Finest

Athleisure popularity is at an all time high because of the cozy comfort it offers, as well as being moveable for exercising. You’ll find people doing errands in athleisure in the store or out to brunch. If you’re one of these people, and if you need to throw on an extra layer because of the temperature, throw on a black leather jacket! Your jacket will add a touch of class and style to your already low-key look.

5. Throw Some Fur On It

Whether you go for real fur or not, adding fur to your classic black leather jacket definitely ups the level of style. A fur-lined collar on a classic jacket adds texture to your sleek jacket and gives it some serious cozy appeal. If you don’t want fur on your actual jacket, you can always layer with a fun fur vest! Try layering the fur vest over your jacket for a fun, expected twist.

While we only list five, there are so many ways to wear your classic black leather jacket. If you’re on the lookout for a new one, be sure to browse our product selection. If you have questions on black leather jackets or need some help finding one, talk to the experts! Jonval is known as the go-to store in Denver for leather, fur, and shearling. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Leather Repair Denver: How to Soften Up A New Leather Jacket

October 25, 2017

Ah, the smell of a new leather jacket - you can’t beat that! You start to slip on your new coat and realize that it’s stiff and not as worn-in as you’d like it to be. The real tried and true way to break in a new leather jacket is to be patience and let time do the work. However, not all of us are patient, especially when we have a new beautiful jacket that we want to wear! If you’re one of these people, follow these tips and tricks on how to soften up a new leather jacket from your Denver leather repair experts!

Determining Leather Type

The very first thing that you should do, and know if you don’t already, is to learn what type of leather your jacket is constructed out of. If you want to break in a jacket and speed up the process, the leather must be strong enough to withstand your actions. Unlike fabric, you can’t simply stitch up a hole on anything made out of leather. Additionally, any scuffs,marks, or scratches are permanent. Choose a strong durable leather that you can really break in and wear it for a long time so it will conform to you and your body.

Use a Little Bit of Water

If you get caught in a rainstorm, don’t worry! This is actually a good thing for your new leather jacket. Water will soften up the skin, making it easier to stretch and crease at specific points on your body. You may have heard people saying that you can put your jacket in the washer and dryer, which can be effective, but will ultimately cause shrinkage of the leather that you won’t ever be able to fix. To avoid doing that, wear your jacket in some rain drizzle until you can tell that the leather is damp. Start moving your arms in natural motions like bending so you can get creases in the right places while the jacket is wet. If you prefer not wearing your jacket out just yet, lightly spray your jacket with water but don’t overdo it! As your new leather jacket dries, it will start to form to your body.

Roughen It Up

If you’d like to take some of the finish off of your jacket, you can use steel wool to lightly scratch the surface. Don’t ever use sandpaper as it is generally too abrasive. Use uneven strokes and go SLOW because as we stated before, you can’t go back and erase scratches - they’re there. If you do make a mistake, rub the area more as you wear it to naturally break it in. To really roughen your jacket up, and increase the amount of time it takes to break it in, you can always tie your jacket up in a ball using twine or rope, and toss it around. The more you play catch with it, the more it will soften and take on your shape!

Once you’ve got your perfect fit and shape, be sure to take good care of your leather jacket. Read up on how to store a Denver leather jacket so it will last for years to come! If you need more information on softening up your leather, talk to the experts! Jonval is known as the go-to store in Denver for leather, fur, and shearling. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

How to Remove Wrinkles From A Denver Leather Jacket

October 18, 2017

Wrinkles will start to form on a leather jacket if it is folded up for a long period of time, which is why it’s best to leave it hanging. But, what happens if you’ve already made this mistake? Don’t worry—you won’t have to wear a wrinkled leather jacket for the rest of your life. Here are tips for removing wrinkles from a Denver leather jacket:

Steam it.

Steam removes wrinkles, but using a clothes steamer could damage the leather. Fortunately, there is a way to steam the wrinkles out of a leather jacket without turning on a clothes steamer. Hang the leather jacket somewhere in your bathroom where it will not get wet and turn on the shower. Close the bathroom door and let the hot water run so steam begins to fill up the room. The steam from the shower should gently relax the wrinkles in your leather jacket without harming the jacket. If there are still a few wrinkles remaining in the jacket, gently smooth them out with your hands as the room cools down after turning off the shower. Learn how to get wrinkles out of leather.

Iron it.

Ironing a leather jacket is typically not recommended, however it can be done to remove wrinkles as long as you are extremely careful. The key is making sure that the iron never comes into direct contact with the leather. Lay the wrinkled section of the leather jacket flat on an ironing board and place a clean cotton towel or cloth over it. Turn the iron on to the lowest setting possible so the leather is not exposed to too much heat. It’s also recommended that you empty out all of the water in the iron before beginning so there are no spills. Then, apply light pressure and run the iron across the cotton cloth quickly. Do not move the iron slowly across the surface or press it down firmly against the cotton cloth. Low heat and a light touch should be enough to remove the wrinkles.

Use heavy objects.

Lay the leather jacket on a flat, hard surface and flatten any bumps in the material. Then, place a heavy object over the area that has a wrinkle. It’s best to use a heavy book such as a dictionary or textbook, but any heavy object will work. Leave the books laying on top of the jacket overnight and check it in the morning to see if the wrinkle has vanished. This should be enough to completely remove a small wrinkle, but if it’s a deep crease, this method may need to be used along with another method mentioned above. Be sure to put the jacket on after you take the books off of it so it regains its original shape.  

For more information on caring for leather jackets, talk to the experts. Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of genuine furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your fur or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact us today to learn more about our services.