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History of Women in Pop Culture in an Iconic Denver Leather Jacket

November 14, 2018

Janis Joplin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Brigitte Bardot are a few of the many women that made the leather jacket iconic. It is amazing to see the range of women in love with this fashion trend that would help it culminate into what it is today. Fall in love with your next Denver leather jacket by exploring it’s past, learning about icons, and trends over the decades of this timeless piece. 

History of Women Wearing Leather Jackets

The leather jacket was first introduced into the world of fashion in the late 1920s. Invented by the Schott Brothers for bomber pilots, they soon realized they could transition it into daily wear. And that they did! By the 1950s, after the release of the film “The Wild One,” Americans couldn’t get enough of this edgy, new trend. This was the period when it became a unisex fashion statement, especially in the motorcycling world. 

In 1954, Harley Davidson introduced the “Ladies Companion Jacket.” It was a short leather jacket, cutting off at the top of the waist. Embellished with a thick, black belt and slanted zipper, it was new and different. It conveniently had two small pockets on the left and right sides. It was very similar to the iconic leather jacket Olivia Newton-John wore as Sandy at the end of Grease in 1978. 

Iconic Women 

Over the years, many women of all backgrounds have paved the way for leather. Some of the many women over the decades include: 
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Debbie Harry
  • Joan Jett
  • Patti Smith
  • Blondie
  • Madonna
  • Grace Jones
  • Tina Turner
  • Pam Grier
  • Liz Taylor
  • Annie Lennox
  • Cher
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez
  • Princess Diana
  • Uma Thurmon
  • Kate Moss
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Ashley Olsen
  • Beyonce
  • Rihanna
  • Cara Delevingne

Trends Over the Decades

Leather jackets were popular for women with a passion for motorcycling in the 1950s. As time went on, it expanded! During the 1960s, androgynous was in. Women filled their closet with black and white pants and shirts, perfect to tie in the jacket. It was the epitome of edgy and cool, expanding out from a pair of simple high waisted jeans and black or white t-shirt. 

As the 1980s rolled in, the leather jacket became a staple to powerful women in pop culture. It inspired women all across the United States to pursue their passions. During this time, icons were making their own tweaks and touches on their jackets, adding in safety pins, patches, and more. Rolling into the 1990s, the leather jacket became a general staple in fashion for women. It was worn by everyone from female rappers and actors to older fashion icons. 

This continued into the 2000s where the jacket could be incorporated into any trend. Whether a woman wanted to have an edgy look with high waisted black, ripped jeans and riding boots, or a piece of flair with an upscale ballgown. 

As you find new ways to add leather to your wardrobe, Jonval Leather and Furs has the best selection in the Denver area. Explore trends in fashion for women from your local leather store in Denver and stop by and see us! We are located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. 

Leather Store in Denver Helps You Find Your Perfect Style Jacket

November 7, 2018

Are you wondering how to find the leather jacket that best fits your personality? Leather is available in several different styles, allowing you to find the one that truly fits you. It’s important to feel comfortable because when you feel comfortable, you are more confident. Whether you’re looking for something to make you the fashion go-to at your next party, or something casual to wear to the office, use these tips from your local leather store in Denver to find your perfect jacket.

Edgy and Fun 

Leather is the perfect material to help you add a little bit of edginess to your wardrobe. To start, look at leather moto jackets, or motorcycle jackets. Many moto jackets have numerous zippers and buttons, adding personality to the jacket. Some even have different cuff colors and fur around the color. Moto jackets tend to be waist length, allowing you to show off a great belt. Finish the outfit with a pair of ankle-high leather boots. Bomber jackets are also a great addition to a closet. Some are simple while others have décor and patterns throughout. Pop the collar at the top to really make the look unique. Looking to make it your own? Try one of these six ways to update your classic black leather jacket

Simple and Professional

For everyday wear, invest in a simple black or dark brown leather jacket. You can find them at waist-length or longer.  Avoid buying one that is filled with buttons and zippers to keep clean and simple. This will make it easier to pair with anything, whether you are looking to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, or business casual clothing to work. Some leather jackets are available in other colors. To stay simple and clean, pair light colors with light jackets. You can pair light colors with dark jackets, too. 


There is definitely room for a leather jacket when going upscale. In fact, one of the leading trends in fashion at the moment is adding a leather jacket to a fancy outfit. For women, one of the latest trends is to drape the jacket over the shoulders. Don’t put your arms through the sleeves, just lay it over. Hold a purse or clutch in your hands or with your elbows instead of putting over your shoulder. For men, simple and sleek leather or motorcycle jackets are great with a dark pair of jeans, black pants or even khakis. Longer leather jackets that extend past the waist are also great when trying to go upscale with leather. 

Looking to find the perfect leather jacket this fall? Explore Jonval best leather jacket sellers in our showroom. We offer a variety of men and women’s jackets to help you find whatever style best fits you. Need some help? We are here! Conveniently located at 6880 E. Evans Drive in Denver, we’re just a short drive away to help you find the leather jacket of your dreams. If you have a leather jacket that needs some love, bring it with you. With our custom fur and leather design services, we can transform your piece and make it like new. 

Chic Trends to Wear Fur Coats in Denver This Fall

October 31, 2018

While fall can feel great during the day, evening lows can dip into the 30s. This makes it the perfect time to transition out of leather jackets and into warm fur coats for evening and night engagements. After getting your beloved furs out of storage, or purchasing a new one, take advantage of these fashion tips for any or all of your upcoming events. 

Light Colors with Dark Pants

Contrasting colors can speak boldly. One of the chicest ways to wear your furs is to match a light-colored silver fox coat with a pair of black skinny jeans or pants. The two colors are incredibly upscale and fashionable together. To finish out an outfit, try a pair of silver, pointed pumps that match the silvers in the coat. Accessorizing is key. With this color scheme, you can wear pearls, diamonds or other colors. Since a fur coat is such a fashion statement on its own, stay subtle accessories. Go for stud earrings and a simple necklace. 

Floor-Length Furs with Long Gowns

Do you have any galas or upscale events this upcoming fall and winter season? One of the best ways you can maintain a fancy look with your dress is with a floor-length fur coat. This is great for long floor-length dresses. The great thing about this combination is you can choose any color combination and it will work. Pair a light-colored dress with a white, light brown or silver fur. If you are wearing a dark dress, you could continue the color combination with a black or dark fur. Or, mix it up! 

Short Furs with Ball Gowns or Skirts

If you plan on wearing a ball gown, consider wearing a short fur coat with it. This will help keep you warm and showcase the flair of the gown. Keep the color of your furs consistent with your dress. For instance, wear a white or silver fur with light colors or dark brown or black with blues, black or reds. 

Fur Vests and Scarves

If you are looking to wear your furs all night, consider a fur vest. This is the perfect accessory with a solid-color long sleeve shirt. Choose contrasting colors for bold statements, accessorizing with matching colors. A trend that is becoming more popular with fur vests is pairing with wide-leg dark pants or jeans with a heel. Looking to mix things up? Try a plaid shirt with a white fur vest and a dark pair of skinny jeans with boots. Not a fan of the vest? Try these six stylish ways to wear a fur scarf

When it’s time to pull your furs out of storage, or look for something new, contact Jonval Leathers & Furs in Denver, CO. Our selection of leathers and furs is perfect for all of your fun events this fall. We can also assist with any types of custom fur & leather design to mix up any of your existing pieces. Visit us at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver and see what we can do for you!

Local Events this Fall Perfect to Wear a Denver Leather Jacket

October 24, 2018

Fall in Denver is a wonderful time of year. The metropolitan area has many fall events and festivals, perfect to wear your Denver leather jacket. From festivals with food, beverages, games, and entertainment, to film and art, use this guide to find some great local events to attend this fall.  

Punkin Chunkin Colorado

The 19th annual Punkin Chunkin fall festival will be held October 6-7 at the Arapahoe Park Racetrack (26000 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora, CO). Each year, people flock to this event for the pumpkin patch, arts and crafts, music and entertainment and cars. The event also has food and beverage, including a beer garden. This year will also feature a new event, a Carve War’s chainsaw carving contest. Tickets are $5 per day. Children four-years-old and younger get in for free. 

Halloween Harvest Festival

On October 20 from 12 – 8 p.m., enjoy a day of fun at the Halloween Harvest Festival, located in downtown Westminster at 5453 W. 88th Ave. The free, family-friendly event has been revamped this year with arts and crafts, bonfire, carnival games, food and beverage, live music and entertainment, pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating. On-site parking will be available, or you can take a shuttle from the College Hill Library at 4800 W. 112th Ave or from Westminster City Hall at 4800 W. 92nd Ave. Shuttles will also be available at the MAC, 3295 W. 72nd Ave. 

Rocky Mountain Crafts Spirits Festival

Celebrate the area’s craft and spirits industry at the Rocky Mountain Crafts Spirits Festival. This year’s event will be held from 2 – 5 p.m. at 1125 Rooftop Way in Estes Park. With the purchase of a ticket ($45 each or $80 for two), guests will receive a souvenir tasting glass, beverages, music and entertainment, and bar games. Designated drivers can enter into the event for $5. It’s the perfect event to try new flavors and meet local experts that create and serve. 

Denver Film Festival

The 41st Denver Film Festival will be held October 31 – November 11 at the Sie FilmCenter, located at 2510 E. Colfax Ave. This event is great for those passionate about film as well as those looking to watch a diverse array of videos. Festival-goers can purchase tickets in six- or 15-packs, as well as Red Carpet for more access. The Denver Film Festival helps to cultivate conversations and connections through film. 

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Business Casual Fashion Ideas from Your Leather Store in Denver

October 17, 2018

Are you trying to think of ways to enhance your wardrobe for the office? Business casual attire doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, some of the best trends in fashion today can be incorporated into your daily wear to work. It’s time to mix things up and take your style to the next level, all while maintaining professionalism. From women’s fashion to men’s, to incorporating leather, use this guide from your leather store in Denver to help you mix things up and become a go-to for fashion in your workplace.  

Women’s Fashion

Women’s workplace fashion does not have to be boring! With just a few minor adjustments, women can jazz up their closet and become the fashion icon of the workplace. Important pieces of every business casual closet include: 
  • Business jackets
  • Pencil skirts
  • Professional flowy skirts
  • Button-up or non-button-up blouses
  • Solid tees or tank-tops
  • Slacks (skinny, boot-cut or straight)
  • Heels
  • Simple flats

As you incorporate pieces, use color to mix things up. Consider jackets in a variety of colors, polka-dots or pin-stripes. The same goes for blouses. For solid-color dress shirts, brighten things up with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, and other accessories.  

Men’s Fashion

Men that are looking to mix up their work wardrobe have a variety of options! It is easy to get into a routine of simplicity but can easily be changed with color and accessories. Key pieces of a closet include: 
  • Jackets (casual or suit)
  • Vests
  • Button-up, collar shirts
  • Tie (optional) 
  • Suit pants or slacks
  • Dress shoes or nice black or brown professional shoes

For men, many gravitate towards neutral colors including black, beige, grey, and white. Using different colors for shirts, ties and jackets can brighten up an outfit. When wondering how to match clothing well: five easy tips for matching colors in your outfit is important to learn!

Incorporating Leather into Office Wear

When mixing in leather into your office wear, use colors in items mentioned above and keep your leathers simple. This could be wearing a simple black or dark brown leather jacket over a white or blue top. For women, consider investing in a simple, leather pencil skirt to match with a tucked in collared blouse. You can also try leather pants with a long sweater and simple pair of heels in the winter. Leather accessories, such as shoes, wallets, messenger bags, and purses are a great way to add leather to business casual attire. 

As you look for the perfect leather accessories to wear to the office, stop by Jonval Leathers and Furs. Our vast selection of leather for men and women will make it easy to find a piece that is workplace approved and stylish. Need some help? Our staff is here to help you find the best item to match what you are looking for. Have an existing piece that you haven’t worn for years? Be sure you recognize the signs your Denver leather jacket needs to be tailored and stop by to see us at 6880 E. Evans Ave.