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Common mistakes that can ruin your Denver leather jacket

July 1, 2020

Leather jackets, while durable and long-lasting, can easily be ruined by little mistakes. It’s the little mistakes that can cause the lifespan of your Denver leather jacket to be cut in half. When cared for properly, your leathers can last for decades. It is important to take your investment seriously, as leather is a timeless fabric that stays popular generation after generation. Lucky for you, if you act quick enough, you can reverse any damage you have done. You can also work with your local Denver leather repair to fix some of the problems. If you are committing any of these leather don’ts, stop immediately and contact your local repair shop for help. 

Water is destructive to leather. While a small amount from a spill may not be detrimental, it is important to clean up any spills as quickly as possible. When water sets in, it can leave a noticeable stain on the jacket. It can also become an environment that encourages the growth of mildew, especially when improperly stored. In addition, water that sits on leather can lead to unpleasant smells, too. Avoid ruining your leather by wiping up any spills or water that gets on them as soon as possible. 

It is important to understand how sunlight affects leather. For starters, sunlight increases the chances a leather jacket can dry out and change in color. Once the drying begins to happen, the leather will begin to crack. Over time if you continue to store in direct sunlight, all of these effects will get worse as the sun’s rays take in the moisture and nutrients that keep your leather looking fresh and luxurious. Avoid getting to a point of no return and make sure to store your leather jacket in a cool, dark closet that has good airflow. Make sure the closet is dry as too much humidity can create detrimental moisture. 

It is extremely crucial that you never wash your leather jacket in a washer and dryer. Some blogs and information on the internet say you can, but you should never do it. As you’ve already learned, moisture and heat damage leather. Immersing leather into water then putting it in a hot dryer can destroy it. For small touch-ups, you can use a small amount of water and rag to wipe off stains. Cornstarch is great for oils. For a much-needed clean, it is advised to have your leather jacket cleaned by a professional once or twice per year. 

Leather does not need to be cleaned as frequently as your other clothing. This is also to be said for conditioners. You may think conditioning your leather weekly will help keep its lustrous look—but it can just speed up the process of ruining it. A leather jacket only needs a full cleaning once or twice per year, unless something drastic has happened. 

For all of your leather questions and cleaning needs, get to know your local expert for leather alterations, repairs, and cleaning: Jonval. We specialize in all things leather and will help you keep your investments looking great for years to come. 

How to pull-off leather in the workplace

June 24, 2020

Leather lovers may want to wear their favorite pieces as much as possible—even when they’re at work. Fortunately, there are ways to make a Denver leather jacket or other leather clothing items appropriate for the office. Follow these tips to incorporate leather into your work wardrobe:

Leather skirts can be worn to work when paired with a button down blouse, however it’s important to check the length on the skirt. Many leather skirts are cut well above the knee, but this is not appropriate for the workplace. Look for a leather skirt that falls right at or below the knee. Remember, the skirt will rise about two to three inches when you’re seated. If you’re not comfortable wearing a fitted leather skirt to work, try one with a bit more volume. Look for an A-line leather skirt with pleating that may be more appropriate for the office.

It’s recommended that you only wear one leather piece per outfit so you don’t show up to the office in head to toe leather. Pair a leather jacket with a feminine sheath dress or leather pants with a loose-fitting, chiffon blouse. You can incorporate a bit more leather with your accessories, but again, don’t go overboard. Less is always more when it comes to accessorizing your work wardrobe.

Lighter Colors
Some people may feel as if black leather is too dark and edgy for their workplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear leather at all. Choose a softer color such as burgundy or camel that doesn’t come off as harsh as black. This is a great way to make your look more approachable and appropriate for the daytime.

Baby Steps
If you work in a conservative environment, you may want to test the waters to see how people react to leather in the workplace. Instead of showing up in your boldest embellished leather jacket, start of small by choosing tops or jackets with leather detailing. Look for button down shirts with leather collars or leather trim. You may also be able to find blazers with patches of leather on the elbow or lapel. Wear these pieces and gauge your co-workers’ reactions to see if you can push the boundaries even more by wearing pieces that are made entirely out of leather.

Ready to find stylish leather pieces for your work wardrobe? Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your fur or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

How to wear colored leather like a pro

June 10, 2020

Colored leather has been all over the runways in New York, Paris, and Milan, and luckily, this is a trend that works on all body types. Here’s how you can wear colored leather pieces from your favorite leather store in Denver:

Look for a pair of colored leather pants that pop! If the pants that you choose are cut close to the body, pair them with a loose, casual top to balance out the look. For summer, look for a pair of slim pants that are cropped below the knee. If you choose loose fitting pants, choose a form-fitting top instead.

Colored Leather Shorts: Rock this trend by choosing a pair of brightly colored leather shorts. Because shorts only cover a small area of your body, a bold color won’t overwhelm the rest of your look, so be brave and choose the loudest color you can find. Then, tone down the rest of your look by wearing a neutral, solid colored top.

Colored Leather Dress: Leather dresses are versatile and can be worn day or night. If you plan on wearing a leather dress to work, choose a dark color such as navy blue, forest green, or maroon. These are classic colors that will make the dress appropriate for the workplace. However, if you are going to wear a leather dress on a date or out with friends, you can choose any color that your heart desires. Look for a form-fitting cut that hits right above or below the knee—these cuts will flatter any body type.

Colored Leather Jackets: Do you want to add a pop of color to your otherwise neutral outfit? Throw on a colored leather jacket to instantly make your outfit look edgier and trendier. Your options are endless when you choose to wear a colored leather jacket, so choose a color that complements the rest of your look. Most colored leather jackets are cropped at the waist or hip, but if you can also go for a longer coat if you plan on wearing this look in the winter as well.

Colored Leather Skirt: Another option would be to wear a colored leather skirt. There are several different styles of leather skirts that you can choose from to make this trend work for your body. If you have an athletic body, choose a form-fitting pencil skirt and pair it with a loose-fitting, lightweight top. Women with hourglass or pear-shaped bodies should try an A-line leather skirt to flatter their bodies. You can even add a bit of texture to the look by choosing an A-line leather skirt with pleating. Learn the best skirt style for your body type.

Ready to find one of these colored leather pieces to add to your wardrobe? Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your fur or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Four tips to store your Denver fur coat for the summer

May 19, 2020

If you own the perfect fur coat you may be wondering - what should I do with it when I’m not wearing it? Storage of fur coats, particularly during the summer, can be tricky. It’s important to protect your coat - afterall it is an investment! The real fur coat is regal, plush, but ultimately susceptible to pests and daily wear and tear. To help you store your fur coat, we’ve compiled our X tips. But remember, you are always welcome to come to the Denver fur coat experts at Jonval if you need more help!

Climate Control
While the climate doesn’t have to be perfect, if you want your fur coat to last you need to do your best to make sure it is stored in the proper environment. Heat and humidity can dry your coat out, therefore you want to store your coat at a  comfortable 40 degrees Fahrenheit - preferably with low humidity. There are fur vaults that you can purchase that helps you to achieve this, but if you don’t have a fur vault - here is our recommendation. The coat should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark area. Avoid placing the fur coat near a heat vent - or a window. We recommend that you choose a spacious closet, one with plenty of room.

Do NOT use a plastic bag to store your fur coat. Plastic bags cut off air circulation, and doesn’t give your fur coat the room it needs to breathe. Not only this, but the bag itself can cause the hairs on your fur coat to split and even break. Instead of a plastic cover, opt for a cotton cover. Cotton covers give your fur coat the room it needs to breathe, shields the coat from dust, and helps to keep the coat protected from any insects that might be roaming your home.

This one might surprise you, but air circulation is good for a fur coat.You need to give your coat room to breathe in the closet - keeping mold and mildew at bay! If your ideal closet is already a little cramped, try freeing up some space or storing your coat in a different closet.

While you do want your fur coat to breathe, you don’t want it to become damp. Keeping your fur dry is essential to its health and longevity. If your fur coat does become dry, take some time to shake it out and let it dry. If the problem is bigger than you can handle, such as a soaked fur coat, take it to your local experts for some assistance.

Jonval Leather & Fur understands how quickly and severely Colorado’s hot, dry summer weather can damage delicate furs. A stiff, brittle, dried-out pelt oftentimes cannot be restored, so careful preservation is the best way to care for fur garments. Jonval’s fur vault is temperature and humidity controlled for proper fur storage. Call (720) 377-1555 to inquire about cleaning, conditioning, and storing your valuable leathers and furs over the hot summer months.

Why you should purchase a custom Denver leather jacket

May 14, 2020

One of the oldest materials in the world, leather has been used for centuries. Not only does leather have a rich history, but it’s been proven to be durable, customizable, and comfortable. This long-lasting material is perfect for those looking to make a powerful fashion statement. The durability that leather possesses is one reason so many choose it as their go-to material for clothing, accessories, custom jackets, shoes, furniture, and more.

In history, the Greeks and Egyptians were using leather for clothing all the way back in 1300 – 1200 B.C. From their use, leather spread throughout the entire Roman Empire. The Chinese were also known for using animal hides and tanning them into usable leather during the Middle Ages. And of course, the Native Americans in North America were highly skilled at preserving and using leather long before the Europeans arrived. Because it has been around so long, the process of farming, preserving, tanning, and crafting leather into usable products has been perfected throughout the centuries, making it one of the oldest – and greatest – materials we still use today for our products. 

The process of preparing leather is very specific and not easy, so there is a demand for leather, as it is highly durable, and when properly cared for, it can last decades. In history, well-prepared leather had a great following among the royals and those with money, because it was seen as a material that possessed richness. It was used by the rich, and is still one of the more expensive materials in today’s world.

Leather is durable and can last decades if properly cared for, so most folks don't mind paying a bit more for a product made of leather. It is considered more of an investment, as the product will last way longer than other materials. Leather has a great feel and smell. This also makes leather products desirable. The feel is amazing, the look is stunning, the lifetime of the product is prolonged, the smell is rich, and this all adds up to the sophistication and richness that leather possesses.

Inspired? At Jonval, we make all our custom leather jackets by hand right here in our Denver shop. With virtually hundreds of leather samples to choose from in every color imaginable, the only limitation you have is your own imagination. Call us today for your custom leather jacket:  720-377-1555.