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Reasons to Swap Your Faux Furs and Choose Fur Coats in Denver

February 8, 2017

Many people are introduced into the world of fur through faux fur because many people are looking for a real fur feel. The investment in real fur is well worth it and there are so many benefits to choosing fur. You will be so pleased with the quality warmth for all your outdoor activities or overall glamours nature of real fur.

Cons of Faux Fur

Real fur is a quality that goes unmatched. When it comes to faux fur, it does not have the same qualities as real fur does. This means, it may also not be able to keep you as warm. Why? The purpose of real fur is to protect and keep warm, which is a quality faux fur cannot match. Next, if you spend a lot of the time skiing or in the outdoors in the fur, faux fur is not resistant to freezing and the various intense elements that nature can bring for those heavy-duty activities. Also, when it comes to the feel of faux fur, it is not as soft and luxurious as the real thing. Faux fur is typically made out of synthetic fibers like plastic.

Fur 101 for First-Timers

When it comes to the most sustainable option, real fur is your best options. When going the natural route, you will be making an investment in a biodegradable option. This is a very environmentally friendly option. There are also several assumptions made about real fur so be sure to read Your Denver Fur Coat Experts Debunk Real-Fur Myths. The next great aspect of fur is how long it lasts, both from quality and through its timeless appeal. Upon purchasing a new fur coat, with proper care, it will last for decades and remain in style. When looking at furs, there are a variety of types from mink and chinchilla to rabbit and fox. All are available in a variety of price points to allow you the ability to make the switch from faux in any budget.

Fur Fashion

When it comes to your first time purchasing real fur, you can find a style that will go with any occasion. You can also find different coats if you prefer a selection. First, if you will be wearing fur for your winter outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing, talk to your local furrier on the best ones in the selection for your events. Overall for fashion, you can find fur coats in solid colors such as brown or tan. There are also many two-tone options available too that include two tone elements such as dark fur with light embellishments around the neck and hands. For upscale events, consider a long fur coat and pair it with a pair of dark knee-high boots. For everyday wear, choose a lighter color with colorful neck embellishments that gives it flair. Think fur is just for the winter? Get a different perspective from Vogue’s blog, Who Said Mink Was Just for Winter? 14 Ways to Wear Fur All Summer Long.

To get started with your fur purchase, stop in Jonval Leathers and Fur, located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. We are open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. We will help you with your first time buying fur. You can also contact us at 720-377-1555.