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Spring Fashion Ideas from Your Leather Store in Denver

April 18, 2018

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your wardrobe for the season change! A great way to get new ideas and inspiration is through the latest trends from Fashion Week. Explore the latest in colors, patterns, and textures, as well as how to incorporate new things from your local leather store in Denver.

Top Colors

When it comes to the top colors you will see in the spring and summer of 2018, it will be nudes, pastels and bolds.
  • Nudes: Natural shades are perfect for any occasion, from business casual attire to a night on the town. At this year’s Fashion Week, there were several colors that fall in the nude color palette including mauve, light pink, neutral green, grey, beige, off-white, and more. Since many of these colors match, you can coordinate outfits using tops and bottoms, or accessories, of these shades.
  • Pastels: Tailing on to the light color trend, pastels will also be huge in the spring of 2018. While similar, this color palette allows you to explore and make statements without being too bold. Try mixing a lavender top with a sky blue skirt, or a pink handbag with light green shorts.
  • Bolds: Really make your wardrobe speak volumes by taking advantage of bold colors. This trend will even allow you to get adventurous with mixing colors and patterns unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. From bold, deep reds to stunning, bright purples, bold colors will definitely be in during the spring.

To help you find your perfect shades, explore Pantone’s top 21 spring 2018 colors from NYFW and LFW.

Patterns and Texture

This spring, you will be able to have fun with different patterns and textures. First up in the list are sequins. If you’ve loved sequins for accessories, now you can incorporate them into your clothing. From glamourous sparkling shirts to gorgeous skirts, this trend is officially in.

Next up is plastic! Yes, you heard that right. You will see it all from clear, plastic boots and jackets, to blouses and dresses. When choosing clear, it’s a great way to showcase the other items you are wearing. But you can also find solid colors in plastic, too.

Last are feathers. Feathers will become the perfect accent on clothing, whether it is a small detail here or pattern there. You may also find entire shirts or other items comprised of them. It’s a great way to mix things up.


Leather is the perfect accent piece to any fashion trend. It’s great because it will last you decades as these seasonal trends come and go. If you are a fan of the nude color palette, pair a light beige or off-white blouse with a dark brown jacket. Or, try a bold red or royal blue shirt with a black jacket or leather pants. If you’ve never owned a jacket before, learn how to wear your Denver leather jacket with style.

To find the perfect leather piece for your wardrobe this spring, stop by and see us at Jonval! We are located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. We’ll help you get the best items as you are transitioning your closet this upcoming fashion season.

Tips for Storing Your Fur Coat from Denver’s Fur Coat Store

April 11, 2018

Fur coats are known for their extraordinary warmth, and for many people in the Denver area, during the winter they’re essential. Fur coats, stoles, and accessories are known for their quality but also their price tag. Purchasing true fur is an investment, so you want to make sure you properly caring for them so they’ll last over time. Fur can be easily damaged, but the proper storage can help prevent damage to fur.

While you should always let a professional store your fur coat, such as Jonval, we know that that’s not always an option. Before you store your coat though, make sure it’s cleaned! Keep reading to learn how to properly store your fur coat from your premiere Denver fur coat store!

Selecting Your Location

Make sure that this area doesn’t get sunlight, as fur does not do well if exposed to direct sunlight. The ideal place should be extremely dark, such as your closet. But, if your closet is by your bedroom window, that’s not ideal. If you have a closet in a hallway, away from windows, that would be your best bet.

Additionally, the area that you choose to store your fur coat needs to be cool as fur does best in colder temperatures. Make sure that the area of your home is cool, especially in the summer months. Humidity can be very damaging to fur, so be sure that the area is not only cool, but also not humid. A lot of people will store their coats in basements as they are cool and don’t have direct sunlight, but basements can be very humid. Fur coats should never be stored in areas that have excessive humidity. If you need to put your coat in a humid room, be sure to invest in a humidifier.

Storing Your Coat Safely

Believe it or not, the hanger you choose to hang your fur coat really matters. Choose the wrong kind, and you’ll end up damaging your coat. Fur coats are heavy so be sure to choose a broad-shouldered clothes hanger that can support the weight of your coat. You should also store your coat in a cloth bag. While you probably have plastic coat bags from previous cleanings, don’t use those because plastic will dry out a coat. A cloth coat bag should be big enough to comfortably fit your coat.

Finally, make sure the closet you choose your coat in isn’t filled to the brim. Your fur coat should never, ever be shoved in the corner of a crowded closet. They need ample room for storage. So, if you don’t have room in the closet for your coat, move the clothing elsewhere or find another place to store it.

Professional Storage

If you’re having trouble finding a place to store your coat at home, it’s best to bring it to the professionals, such as Jonval! Jonval offers Colorado’s best summer fur care facility in our U.L. certified, temperature, and humidity controlled vault. Stop by our store today or contact us with any questions you have about storing your fur coat!

Use Your Tax Refund to Bring Your Custom Leather Ideas to Life

April 4, 2018

Are you looking for an out-of-the box way to maximize your tax refund this year? Many people choose to treat themselves with a trip to the mall or their favorite clothing store and pick out some new outfits.  Consider taking a wardrobe upgrade one step further and invest in custom leather ideas! Leather and many other materials will last for decades, making for a great return on investment. From leather and shearling, to accessories, try one (or all!) of these ideas with your check from Uncle Sam.

Customizing with Leather

Have you ever seen a leather piece and through “I wish I could have that!” but could never find it in the store? Maybe everything you find just does not fit quite right? Or have you seen something from the 70s or 80s and would love to recreate with some 2018 flair? This is where a custom leather shop in Denver will assist. Stores like this have their custom lines of leather and can create, or recreate, anything you are looking for! By having a team customize something to your exact measurements, it will be perfectly tailored to you. Even better, you will have something super exclusive that no one else has. Never had leather before? Be sure to read the nine reasons why you need a leather jacket.

Shearling Ideas

In addition to leather, you can also diversify your closet with custom-made shearling. Shearling is sheepskin, and in addition to being soft-to-the-touch, it is actually relieving and relaxing. Denver spring and summer evenings still get cool, making this the perfect material. It will keep you warm outside but not make you overheat inside. It works with your body to retain heat. Consider working with your local leather and shearling shop on a shearling shirt or jacket that would be the perfect addition. If you have never worn shearling before,

Accessory Ideas

If you are not in the market for a new shirt or jacket, there are many other custom leather ideas your tax check can fund. To get started, consider a new wallet. Wallets that are sold in stores may have some of the options you need—but not all. A custom wallet can be created with all of the space, holders and zippers that best suit your needs. In addition to wallets, purses, satchels, and work bags are also a great custom option. Your local leather shop will work with you to find the perfect color, style, and embellishments to make your piece truly match your style.

Jonval Leathers and Furs is your go-to custom leather spot. When it comes to custom fur and leather design, we are your experts. We will work with you and your budget to create the perfect leather or shearling clothing item or accessory. From vintage looks to new and modern styles, take advantage of our expertise to make an investment in your wardrobe. We’re known as “the place” to go for all things leather and fur—and hope to see you soon to create the perfect custom piece!

Can You Wear Fur Coats in Denver in the Spring?

March 28, 2018

Do you have a luxurious fur piece that you just can bear to part with during the warmer months? Once question you might be asking your fashion forward friends—“Can I wear my furs in the spring?” Luckily for you, that answer is yes! When it comes to fur coats in Denver, you can wear them year long. It is just important to know how to wear them and care for them. Learn these tips and how you can properly store your furs if you feel ready to do so.

Spring Fashion Tips

When it comes to fashion for spring 2018, ruching fabrics, lavender shades, dark jeans, polka dots, and feathers will be incredibly popular. Ruching fabric is essentially ruffled materials. This will commonly be seen in dresses, tank tops, and even bathing suits. It is a great way to embellish a clothing item to make it unique. For lavender shades, you will see it in a variety of styles and patterns. Consider a lavender dress with a floral pattern, or a mixture of top and bottom outfit in two different shades. You can also pair a lavender top with the next trend: dark jeans. Dark denim contrasts beautifully with so many different colors great for upscale or low-key attire settings. Last, polka dots and feathers will be two patterns/textures on the rise. Each are perfect to make you stand out from the crowd. Not sure where to begin? Try one of these 55 perfect spring outfit ideas to copy right now.

Wearing Fur

As mentioned, just because spring arrives does not mean you need to put away your furs for good. With spring temperatures dropping at night, you may need your fur coat for warmth! To help upgrade your fashion style for spring while wearing your fur coat, pair it with skinny jeans, dark pants or capris and a killer pair of heels as opposed to knee-high winter boots. You can also invest in different furs too, such as vests, hats, and accessories. These are ideal all year long to help you make a statement.

Storage Tips

When the time comes you would like to retire your fur coat for the season, it is important to store it properly. Make sure to keep them in a low humidity environment. Too dry of environment can eliminate the natural oils the fur coat needs for its luster. If it’s too humid, it can also be detrimental. Keep your furs hanging and make sure there is not direct sunlight that will lead to fading. One of the best ways to avoid damaging your furs is by utilizing summer fur storage from a local leather and furs company. They will also help clean your furs so you feel like you have a new, heathy piece in the winter.

For all of your fur storage needs, contact the experts at Jonval Leathers and Furs. As your go-to specialist since 1984, you can rely on us for an eclectic collection of leather, furs, and shearlings, as well we storage opportunities. See what we can do for you and visit us at 6880 E. Evans Drive in Denver.

What to Do with Fur Coats in Denver Before it Begins Warming Up

March 21, 2018

When it comes to your fur coat, you just hang it up in your closet once it is too warm to wear. Right? Not so fast. Fur coats in Denver are an investment that you should take proper care of, which includes taking precautions before hanging it up for the season. Good news for you, there are just a few steps to take that will help you make the most of your investment. Learn how to properly clean and store your fur coats for spring and looking at leather jackets to help you get through the cool spring nights!

How to Clean

Your furs are not a material that can be washed in a washer. You will need to take it to your local leather and fur store for proper cleaning once to twice per year. This will get all of the dirt and debris embedded within the fur out. Scents that will also be removed. Once your fur coat has been cleaned, glazing will help bring back its life. Glazing will add in the necessary oils that help your furs keep their gorgeous luster.

Prepping for Storage

As you wind down your winter furs for the warmer weather, it is important to store them properly. This will help keep it healthy and safe. First, make sure you keep it in a cool room with low humidity. Air circulation is key. When there is heat and high humidity in a room or closet you are storing your furs, it will make the fibers expand and contract. This can cause damage over time. Also, having some humidity in the room will help your furs from drying out. Last, the storage space should also be dark as the sun’s UV rays can damage it, too. Be sure to learn more about how to care for natural fur coats to ensure their safety during the summer.

Leather Jackets for Spring

Even though you will be hanging up your furs for the season soon, it becomes prime time to purchase a leather jacket. Leather jackets stand the test of time through different fashion trends. Leather is a breathable material, which will keep you warm outdoors, but not stuffy while indoors. It’s also trendy to find the perfect accessories for your Denver leather jacket, such as oversized bags, clutches, sunglasses, or shoes. Make sure to keep your new leather jacket in a healthy environment for its vitality. Keep it away from sunlight and in a cool environment. It is also helpful to add conditioner once a season to keep it from drying out. For spills and stains, use the lowest amount of water possible. Too much water on a jacket will ruin it. Take a damp washcloth and wipe the spot. Anything major should be taken care of by leather professionals.

Whether you are looking to store your fur coats or are looking for the perfect leather jacket for the spring, Jonval has you covered. Stop by our showroom located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver. We’ll keep your furs healthy and safe over the spring and summer, and help you find the perfect leather jacket that will be the talk of everyone you know!