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Your Denver Fur Coat Experts Debunk Real-Fur Myths

September 14, 2016

If you have never worn a real fur coat, you have probably wondered how it would feel to wear one. And whether you’ve considered wearing them yourself, or you’ve wondered why people are so enamored with wearing them, you have probably heard a lot about furs – from the many types of custom design fur coats available to the controversies that surround them. Unfortunately, much of what you may have heard about real fur is comprised of myth. In our efforts to bring you real information you can use, we are offering to debunk some fur myths.

Animals Are Trapped and Left to Suffer
Fur farmers actually raise the animals they need, which means there is no trapping of wild animals. Traditionally, when people think of furs, they envision bear traps and other similar steel traps historically used. Fortunately, this isn’t the way the fur industry works any longer. Fur farmers also use more humane methods of obtaining the furs, so the animals themselves don’t suffer.

Fake Furs Are More Sustainable
Because real fur coats and real fur accessories are made from natural furs, they are biodegradable when the fur's life ends. This myth simply doesn’t make sense, because fake furs are made from non-renewable, petroleum-based products that are actually harmful to the environment – both in the production phase and after the coat is discarded.

Animals Are Mistreated
When you think about fur animals, it makes sense that the quality of their fur relies heavily on their diet and how well they are cared for. Fur farmers make sure they are raising the highest quality furs, so they can continue to stay in business. This means using the most humane processes for raising, caring for, and even harvesting the furs.

Domesticated Animals
There are some who try to perpetuate the myth that furs are made from domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats. But we are all aware of the most popular types of fur coats, such as mink, rabbit, and fox. And no reputable furrier is going to use the fur of domesticated animals to make their creations.

No Regulations
There are state, federal, and even international laws in place designed to protect the fur industry and its consumers. But many people would have you mistakenly believe that the fur industry is relatively unregulated. Fact vs. fiction tells us, however, that this just isn’t a fact. The laws cover things like animal welfare, environmental regulations, as well as industry codes.

Endangered Species
Every animal that is used by reputable business owners in the fur industry is legal to hunt/use. Endangered species are not used in the fur industry. This practice would be highly illegal as these animals are legally protected.

Need more information? If you’re looking for the best real fur coats and accessories in the industry, contact us at 720-377-1555 to get more information about the pelts we use for our products, because we only use fur from reputable fur farmers.