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​History and Benefits of Shearlings from your Leather Store in Denver

December 14, 2016

Shearlings are clothing materials made of lamb or sheepskin. This popular fashion piece is a luxurious material that has a suede surface on the exterior and soft interior. It goes through a tanning process to get its color. You can buy a variety of shearling materials from jackets to coats. Great for special occasions or everyday wear, this is something you will want to get from your local leather store in Denver.

History of the Fashion of Shearlings

The use of sheep skin for clothing dates to the stone age. Throughout the various time periods, this material was more than just clothing. It was a representation of one’s status. It was used for shirts, under garments, hats and more for both men and women. In more modern times, shearling was used in war time for pilot hats. Then it also grew in popularity for fashion. You began to see it in the 1940s and 1950s amongst celebrities, in movies and more. Over time, the use of shearling expanded and became use in shoes and boots, for example Ugg boots. This material is great for those who live in Colorado during the winter as it is warm and fashionable. Read more about the brief history of the shearling jacket in GQ’s fashion blog.

Benefits of Shearlings

In addition to being incredibly fashionable, shearling is a very warm material. In some of the coldest of temperatures, a shearling coat does a great job at keeping the person wearing it warm. Why? It is a great insulator allowing you retain heat. However, another advantage of this material is it is flexible. If you go from a cold setting to a warm room, it can adapt so you aren’t burning up. It is also great in between seasons. Shearling can also absorb moisture and is resistant to water. While not completely waterproof, if it gets damp, it usually is not a problem. The water usually rolls right off. You can also feel good with your investment as shearling is durable and will last for a long time.

Types of Clothing

When it comes to different types of shearling clothing, there are a wide variety of items you can purchase. Popular items include hats, coats, jackets, purses and footwear. Often, shearling is available in various shades of brown with a white or cream colored interior. You can pair a dark coat with a dress, dark pants of casual wear. You can pair a light-colored jacket is great for casual everyday wear. For shoes, women can enjoy shearling lined boots in the winter tucked into a nice pair of jeans or leggings.
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