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Fashion Update: What’s in Store for Fur Coats in Denver and More

The cooler months are upon us and fur fashion is getting ready to kick into gear. While you can wear fur and leather year round, we are getting ready to be in the peak season. It is a great time to look at your current fur coats in Denver, and see what other types of fashion to incorporate into your wardrobe for the late fall and winter. Learn some of the latest trends and fashion tips to wow everyone this season!
  1. Ski Trends: When hitting the slopes, everyone loves to be in a fashionable outfit. Faux fur has fallen out of style and many on their ski trips are choosing real fur. Not only fur incredibly warm, it is great to lounge in after you have had fun with your family and friends. In addition to a great fur coat, try impressing friends with a stylish fur vest. Complement black or a dark shirt and leggings with a light vest paired with matching light boots. To add another touch of fashion, find a pair of boots with fur on the top of them that matches your vest. For the icing on the cake, try a matching fur hat that will keep your head warm.
  2. Night Out: Fur can be the perfect complement to your outfit on a night out. For a sleek and mysterious look, go all black. Pair a black dress with black or dark leggings with a long or mid-length black leather coat. Top off the outfit with a pair of classic black pumps to black stiletto boots. Everyone will be talking. If a pop of color is more your style, try a red coat with black fur accents along the top and arms. If the weather is not too cold, go with a sleek black leather jacket. This will be a great complement to your outfit that will keep you warm but is comfortable and breathable.
  3. Casual: This winter, fur is a great way to be stylish with your everyday wear. The great thing about most fur is that it can pair with anything. One of the top trends for your casual wear is choosing bright colors. It adds an extra flair that brightens up gloomy days. Read more about this and other trends from InStyle’s “The Top 9 Coat Trends from the Fall 2016 Shows at New York Fashion Week.” For a more simplistic look, a traditional light or brown coat with light fur accents. You can find coats with accents on the top and arms, or all along the front too. They are available in long or short styles to best suit your outfit.
For the latest in fur fashion, visit Jonval. Read more on the trends in leather fashion for women to give you more ideas to ramp up your wardrobe for the fall and winter. Our store offers the best selection of manufacturers from all across the world with an emphasis on quality and uniqueness! Visit us from 10 a.m to 5:30 p.m Monday through Saturday at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver.