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How to Wear Men's Leather Jacket Styles in Denver

October 19, 2016

Their length, the way they close, their shape and silhouette, and the size and cut of lapels/collars distinguish leather jacket styles one from the other. The term “leather jacket” doesn’t imply a single, set style. There are lots of options, and all of the styles come with a history and a distinct projection of a specific image. Even within a specific style, different colors and textures can create very different looks. There’s no one best jacket. When deciding on a leather jacket style in Denver, take into consideration the use you need it for, the image you are hoping to project, price you want to pay, type of leather/skin you prefer, and color.

Marlon Brando wore a motorcycle jacket in The Wild Ones, and the style has been a cultural icon ever since. It’s also sometimes called the “Perfecto” jacket, after the Schott brand jacket that launched the look. This is the classic American take on the leather jacket, and is the jacket people think of when they imagine Harley-riding bad boys in black leather.  
Its associations are rough and rowdy, but a double-rider motorcycle jacket can dress up nicely, so long as it isn’t too heavy on buckles, snaps, and other extra bits. This style sports large, spreading lapels and a flared collar with snaps to fasten them down in wind. The front zipper typically runs at an angle, opening wide to form one lapel and allowing the other to fold out from underneath it. There are a number of different construction methods, however, and the shape and angle of the lapels can vary widely depending on brand and model.

Bombers, motorcycle jackets, and moto-jackets make up the majority of most timeless leather jackets. But there are, of course, countless variants on the basic styles, and even some crossover between them. An unlined bomber jacket with exaggerated lapels, for example, is verging into motorcycle jacket territory, while a moto-jacket with extra padding and insulation might look something like a collarless bomber.

Additionally, there are some less common styles that share basic leather construction. Dusters are long, split-backed overcoats that may actually extend to the floor or “dust” the floor near the ankles. Its is associated with a western style - and in earlier years, was worn in waxed cloth, but can also be used as a form of protection for those on horses or currently - on motorcycles. The split in the back was an original western style detail that allowed for riding a horse without the coat bunching up behind the saddle.

Leather blazers go in and out of fashion – mainly because blazer styles change so much, and they will be made in the current style fashionable when they are conceived. So unlike other styles, they can easily look dated – which is a bad thing for something as long-lived as leather. Only purchase one if you are willing to make a very bold personal style statement sometime in the future when yours goes out of style.

Sometimes traditionally non-leather jackets will be made out of leather: peacoats, trench coats, barn coats, etc. Use your good judgment about whether you think you'll want to wear these styles for years to come or not, because leather lasts for years and years.

At Jonval, your leather experts in Denver, we make all our custom leather jackets by hand in our Denver shop. Maybe you have your own design idea in mind, or maybe you have that favorite old jacket or pair of pants that you would love to replace, either way we can make that a reality. With virtually hundreds of leather samples to choose from in every color imaginable, the only limitation you have is your own imagination. Call us today for your custom jacket at 720-377-1555.

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