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Typical Styles of Leather Jackets in Denver

July 6, 2016

Most of the leather jackets on the Denver market are placed into one category or the other. Some of them look like common styles, while others are obviously different. The ones that are common fit into a specific niche so that if you were to wear some of these to certain events, you would look odd. For instance, you would not wear a Prada jacket to a wood chopping event. The same is true for motorcycle jackets that cannot replace the jacket that you would wear to a business meeting.

The Motocross
This jacket is known as the moto jacket. It is well-tailored with a collar. The collar hugs the neck area tightly, and you cannot turn it down. There is a zipper in the front where you can zip up or wear open at the front. The waist of the jacket is typically made of elastic. You probably won’t find this jacket to have pocket flaps or buckles. The moto jacket is not only worn by motorcycle riders, but it is an urban style worn by men and women. You can dress it up or wear it with a simple dress or pair of pants. If you have an athletic frame or slender build, you will get away with wearing this close fitting jacket. If you have a bulgy midsection, it will be noticeable and likely not attractive.

Leather Fatigue
If you are looking for a jacket that appears to be cloth, but still leather, the fatigue leather jacket is the ideal choice. The collar is soft so you can turn it down. You can also still flip it up. The pockets are horizontal with flaps to cover them. This particular item has a fit that is looser than the motocross jacket. It cinches at the waist, if it comes with a built-in belt. Otherwise, it fits loosely and has no drawstring or elastic at the waist. If you are looking for something practical that you can wear daily as an outfit, then the leather fatigue can work. It doesn’t provide much protection from the weather and you cannot dress it up like the moto jacket, but it is a true leather jacket that gives you long wear-ability. It suits a big and tall man because of its loose fit around the waist, hiding the man’s thickness, especially for those with a large midsection.

Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket is well known for its vintage appeal. It has always been a favorite with college students. It has a soft collar and possibly fleece or cloth lining. It will keep the user warm. Like the leather fatigue, the bomber jacket is for a casual wear. With its snug fitting waist, you won’t find this jacket wrinkling. The thick lining gives it a less shapely appearance.

Cattleman Coat
Looking for a western style? The cattleman coat falls into the appropriate classic place. This coat is straight and long with a slight flare at the hips. It fits a few inches below the waist. This means that it is long enough to offer protection to a shirt or blouse during inclement weather. It is also short enough to wear with no obstruction when riding a horse.

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