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Summer Storage for Furs

Storage time is here!  In Colorado’s dry, hot climate, you need to store ALL your fur pieces to maintain the viability of the leather under the fur.  This includes any fur coats, vests, hats, pillows, lap robes and purses, for example, ---- anything made from real fur.

Our in-house leather storage is maintained at the recommended temperature and humidity. Your items will be stored with proper attention and care.

Also, now is a good time to have your fur cleaned and checked over for those small, almost invisible moths that like to lay their young in the fur and munch on it.  They can ruin fur if not fumigated and cleaned thoroughly.  Don’t take any chances.  Bring your fur in or send them in for a thorough inspection.

While we are inspecting for moths and moth damage, we also inspect for any tears in the fur, pockets, or lining.  Repairs are made after approval, of course, and our charges are known to be very reasonable.

Summer is also the time of year for those remodeling plans you may have for any of your fur.  Coats can be made smaller, sometimes larger, as well as have volume taken out.  Turning an outmoded coat into a vest is one idea.  And, of course, turning coats into lap robes or pillows are other popular ideas