Jonval Fur Storage

Certified Fur Storage in Denver, CO

Since 1984 we have offered our customers the very finest in summer fur care. The hot and very dry Colorado summers are extremely damaging to  the leather side of your fur coat. Once the pelt is left to dry out it becomes stiff and brittle and is in many cases no longer repairable. Don"t take a chance on losing that expensive investment, when giving it the proper care is so easy and inexpensive. We offer you Colorado"s best Summer fur care facility in our U.L. certified, temperature and humidity controlled vault.

Fur Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your fur is also very important to its longevity and its looks. Don"t let years of make-up, perfume, and hairspray collect and build up on the collar of your coat. Have it cleaned and glazed at least every other year to protect it and keep it from getting dry.

We have our own exclusive process to clean your fur and shearling garments, cleaning each individually BY HAND. We never tumble your coats in a machine or subject them to any harsh chemicals. All furs are then carefully combed, steamed, and glazed leaving your fur clean, soft, and shiny.

Please call with your questions or to schedule a pick up. We offer FREE pick up and delivery of your furs. We service most of the front range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, Evergreen, and Summit and Eagle Counties.

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