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Your Leather Jacket is a Long-Term Companion

Let Jonval introduce you to your new best friend

August 29, 2018

When you purchase or inherit a leather jacket, you are adding a great asset to your closet. For decades, the beloved leather jacket has been a staple. Unlike many items in one’s closets, leather jackets stand the test of time, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. If you are wondering about your leather jacket, or considering investing in one, learn how they are great companions, perfect for styling, and are comfortable and flexible all year long.

Leather Jackets Can Last for Decades

When properly cared for, your leather jacket can last forever, allowing you to be able to rely on it time after time. To properly care for your jacket, make sure that you:
  • Clean stains and spills as soon as possible
  • Have cleaned and conditioned one to two times per year by your leather expert to rejuvenate it and eliminate any dirt and debris
  • Store in low or no-humidity environments that are not in direct sunlight

The care and feeding of your leather jacket are crucial for long-term success.  

Your Go-To Staple for Style

A leather jacket is a go-to staple because it can be paired with nearly any outfit or occasion. Wear it with a fancy outfit with a pair of black heels or dark solid shoes. It can be mixed in with either pants or a skirt. The simpler the jacket is, the more you will be able to pair it with—so if you are looking to diversify the leathers in your closet, make sure to have a mix of plain solid leathers as well as ones with embellishments. The leather jacket: a timeless trend will truly be a go-to item.

Comfort and Flexibility

Another reason why leather jackets are such staples in one’s closet is that they are comfortable. The material of genuine leather is flexible and breathable. This means you can wear it on a summer evening and not feel hot, but also not cold as it helps to retain heat. Or, if indoors, you’ll be able to keep your jacket on while inside. It is also extremely reliable because it can pair with so many different styles and elements. Thanks to its classic and timelessness, those around you will be impressed with your leather jacket thanks to the prestige it holds. Best of all, when you wear it, you will be comfortable! It is easy to move around in a leather jacket, especially once it is broken in. Plus, depending on the jacket you purchase, a leather jacket can keep you safe from outdoor elements. Looking to mix up your own jacket? You can also invest in changes made by a local tailor.

Are you ready to make the next move and purchase your own timeless leather jacket? You will love this investment and how it will be such an important piece in your closet. Visit Jonval Leathers and Furs in Denver. We have been helping those in our local community find their perfect leather jacket since 1984. Stop by and see us today at 6880 E. Evans Ave. today.