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The Care and Feeding of Your Denver Custom Leather Jacket

July 27, 2016

Your leather jacket is a classic statement piece, and there are different paths you can take to care for it. Do you want your jacket to take withstand heavy wear and tear and develop an aged, pilot-style worn-in look? Or are you planning to take every precaution to perfectly preserve your jacket so that it continues to look new and pristine? If it's door number two, then know there are some important steps involved in keeping your leather jacket in prime condition. Here at Jonval, we want you to have the very best information in how to care for your custom leather. So, here are some helpful tips on how to clean and care for your leather jacket.

There are different types and forms of leather that exist – from kangaroo leather to cowhide, top grain to full grain. Care for a leather jacket need not be complicated, but always reference the care instructions on your jacket, because each type has specific care instructions.

Invest in some quality leather protecting sprays and conditioners, but be careful not to over-treat your coat. These will help to protect your jacket from stains, and conditioners will help to keep the leather soft and supple.
Spot cleaning with sprays and conditioners will be enough for minor cleaning; because despite the occasional exposure to rain and accidental spills and stains, we don't recommended you put your jacket in a washing machine. Too much moisture will be extremely harmful and can cause permanent damage.

How Humidity Can Have Its Effects

Just as cold, dry air can cause damage to items made of wood – like furniture, floors, musical instruments, and window frames; it can cause leather to become brittle and crack also.

An excess of humidity and moisture can cause mildew and mold to build up on leather’s porous surface. A device like a hygrometer might be something to invest in, as it accurately measures the humidity level in your space. If your jacket does happen to get wet, always let it air-dry.

When your leather jacket is not being used, make sure it is hanging up. This helps keep its natural shape and avoids wrinkles that could cause cracks or rough spots. Over time, your jacket will inevitably develop a more lived-in look. However, these steps will help to prevent the jacket from becoming ruined due to cracks, stains, and rotting.

Inspired to start your own leather collection? At Jonval, we make all our custom leather jackets by hand right here in our Denver shop. Maybe you have your own design idea in mind, or maybe you have that favorite old jacket or pair of pants that you would love to replace, either way we can make that a reality. With virtually hundreds of leather samples to choose from in every color imaginable, the only limitation you have is your own imagination. Call us today for your custom jacket:  720-377-1555.

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