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Signs Your Denver Leather Jacket Needs to be Tailored

June 13, 2018

One of the top benefits of a Denver leather jacket is its longevity. However, this doesn’t mean it will not need some love after some time. Lucky for you, no matter what the problem is, your local leather store can help make your jacket good as new. Or in some cases, it needs a little reworking, so it is not dated. No matter what you need, learn about these top signs it’s time to take in your jacket for some work.

Improper Sizing

When you put on your leather jacket, is it a little tight in the arms? Perhaps it is a little short? Or maybe you have lost weight and your jacket is too flowy? When owning a leather jacket, the key is to have the perfect fit. Over time, the body shape changes. You might get taller, wider or smaller. In those first few months after you get a leather jacket, it may have felt tight or stiff. From there, it adjusted to your shape. However, if you have to stretch it to fit into it, it’s time to take it in for alterations.

Missing Buttons and Broken Zipper

Is your leather jacket missing any buttons? While you may be able to fix one yourself, it may be difficult to find a matching one if you do not have one in-house. Or, perhaps the other buttons are worn, and it is only a matter of time before they come off too. This is the ideal time to take it in. Also, it can be frustrating if one of the key staples to the jacket, the zipper, breaks. A broken zipper does not mean it’s time for a new jacket. If your local leather repair shop can’t fix the zipper, it can be replaced.

Out of Style

While one of the perks of having a leather jacket is that it stands the test of time, you may have a jacket that has some dated elements. Or perhaps you were given a piece from someone that wore it decades ago. If you are not happy with its appearance, you do not need to re-invest! Instead, you can work with your local leather shop to have it remodeled. From there, they will fix any issues and re-work it to make it the perfect piece. Need some inspiration? Explore eight intriguing ways to wear a leather jacket.

Lining Out of Shape

You may not be able to see the lining of your jacket when out in public, but it is still important it remains intact. The liner helps with the fit, ties everything together, and keeps some serious tears and issues from occurring. If any part of your liner is broken, make sure to have it fixed as soon as possible.

When it comes to Denver leather repair: common leather alterations, Jonval has you covered. We offer a variety of leather and fur alterations and repairs, allowing you to make your investments go farther. Contact us today at 720-377-1555 to see how we can bring your leather jacket back to life!