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Denver Leather Repair: Common Leather Alterations

August 9, 2017

A leather garment should fit you perfectly. If a leather garment doesn’t fit you quite right, it’s important to seek alterations from a reputable leather repair store. It’s much more difficult to alter leather than it is to alter cotton or other soft clothing fabrics, so you should only trust those who have experience working with this type of material. Here’s a look at some of the most common leather alterations we perform here at Jonval:

Shortening the Sleeves

Even if the body of the leather garment fits well, the sleeves may still need to be adjusted. Take a look at where the end of the sleeve falls on your body. When your arms are down by your side, do the sleeves cover your hands? If so, you should bring the garment in for alterations.

Zipper Repair

If the zipper on your leather garment isn’t functioning properly, it may be impossible for you to wear the item. Don’t let this piece sit in the closet—bring it into a seamstress for alterations. A seamstress can identify the issue with the zipper and either repair or replace it. Learn how to fix every common zipper problem.

Updating the Lining

Leather jackets are typically lined with soft, decorative fabrics that are not nearly as durable as leather. If the lining begins to rip or the seams begin to come loose, bring your jacket in so a seamstress can remove and replace it. A seamstress can also replace lining that has been stained or lining that is outdated. If you simply don’t like the look of the lining in your jacket, a seamstress can take it out and replace it with something more modern.

Adjusting the Waist

If the leather garment does not come in enough at the waist, bring it into a seamstress for alterations. After this alteration is made, the leather garment will show off the shape of your body and look more flattering. Keep this alteration in mind if you ever lose a significant amount of weight. The pieces that once fit you will no longer look the same, so you may need to have the waist taken in to fit your new body.

Shoulder Adjustments

If you own a leather jacket, dress, or top, take a look at where the seams on the shoulders lie. Even if the garment feels like it fits perfectly, you should still pay attention to the placement of the shoulder seams. A seamstress will need to adjust the shoulders if the seams do not sit directly on your shoulders. If the seams land on your upper arm, this will make your shoulders appear slumped, which is not very flattering.

Do you need to have a leather clothing item altered? Contact the professionals. Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your fur or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact Jonval Leather today to learn more about our services.