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Common Clothing Mishaps and How Denver Leather Repair Will Help

May 16, 2018

You’re at an event, function, or somewhere around several people—or getting ready to
leave. Everything is going well until, oh no! You have a clothing mishap! Clothing and
wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. Thankfully for you, there are a few fixes that
can help hold you over or fix the problem. Learn about the top issues and learn how your
Denver leather shop will help.

Broken Zipper

One of the common issues with zippers is that they get stuck. This often happens and can
usually come loose when using an oil-free liquid or solid to help encourage movement. In
other cases, the zipper may not close. This may happen because a piece of the “teeth” is out
of place and can be pushed back into place. The pull and slider part of the zipper also
sometimes don’t stay on track. You can use pliers to put them back in place.

Missing Buttons

If you find your shirt or pants is missing a button and are in a pinch for a solution to hold
you over, you have a few options. Find a paper clip, twist tie, or pin to hold the area in place
until you can sow on a new button.

Shoe Scuffing

When shoes become scuffed, it can be an obvious malfunction. One of the ways to remove it
is with toothpaste! Place a small amount on a towel and rub over the area. Dish liquid can
also help as well. Have a pencil nearby? Grab the eraser and gently rub on the area. Be
cautious for any of these methods as harsh rubbing can cause further damage. If you are in
a position you can run to a store, you can pick up shoe scuffing products that are specific to
the fabric of your shoe and will resolve the problems.

Spills and Stains

One of the most common issues that happen with clothing is staining. It always seems to
happen when you are proudly sporting a light-colored shirt that seems to magically attract
dark liquids or saucy foods. Your first step is to take a napkin or towel and dab the stain to
soak up as much as possible. Next, if you don’t have a stain removing pen or wipe, you can
try makeup removing wipes, white wine vinegar, and more. It is important that you use the
right cleaner for your clothing to not further ruin it. Explore these foolproof stain removal


Don’t have an iron to get the wrinkles out of your clothes? No problem! If you are at a place
with a dryer, pop it in with a few other pieces of clothing and it will help remove the
wrinkles. If you don’t have the option of using a dryer, there are other options. You can
spray with a small amount of water and hang to dry, place your shirt near a very hot
shower for a few minutes, or even take a hair straightener over the affected areas!

Are you having issues with any of your leathers? Jonval in Denver has you covered for all of
your leathers, as well as furs, shearlings, and accessories. As you explore Denver leather
repair and common leather alterations, take advantage of our services to take care of your
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