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Tips for Organizing Your Closet from Your Local Leather Store in Denver

May 9, 2018

Spring is not just the ideal time to clean your closet, but also to refresh and reorganize. While you may not realize it, an inefficient closet can take up extra time to search through. Also, the way you are storing clothes and leathers could potentially be ruining the items! As you transition to your spring attire, give your closet some much needed attention. From purging and storing, to properly using space and caring for items, use these techniques to make your closet work for you.

Purge or Store

Your top priority before tackling your closet should be to purge items you no longer need and store things that do not belong elsewhere. You may be thinking of just the clothes but look at the closet in its entirety. What do you have in your closet and does it belong there? Ask yourself if there are items that are not clothes or could have a better location that will allow you to use more space where needed. Next, get rid of any clothes you do not wear. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “have I worn this in the last year or two? Will I actually ever wear this?” If you would like to keep something for sentimental value, consider storing elsewhere. Keep your closet to the items you rotate through frequently.

Smart Ways to Utilize Shelves, Bins and More

The goal of a great closet reorganization is to make the space work for you and not the other way around. Once you’ve taken inventory and have everything in your closet that fits, consider what you use most. Think about what difficulties you may have. For instance, if you store jewelry or scarves that are harder to navigate to, find ways to be more efficient. This may include:
  • Adding a shelf under your clothing with bins for easy access to jewelry and accessories
  • Get creative with the space—there is not a rule that says shelves can only have racks and closet-length shelves! Mix and match racks and shelves, incorporate bins and drawers (with dividers), and more. Get inspiration from the best closet organizers, according to professional organizers
  • Use the appropriate hangers to best suit the items you are hanging, as many times people will ruin clothing by using the same style of hanger for everything in their closet
  • Take advantage of unused space—for instance, the back door of a closet is great for hanging scarves, purses or other accessories

Clothing and Leather Care

Delving into caring for your clothing, shoes, and accessories, there is much more you can do in addition to properly hanging or storing them. When cleaning your clothing, make sure to always read what the label says for washing techniques. Cotton can typically be washed on a warm setting, but many other fabrics do best with cool. For your leathers, make sure the closet you store it in is not humid as humidity can be damaging. Also, always make sure to hang leathers to allow for air to properly circulate around them. The care and feeding of your Denver custom leather jacket is important—so be sure to care for your investment!  

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