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Tips for Storing Your Fur Coat from Denver’s Fur Coat Store

April 11, 2018

Fur coats are known for their extraordinary warmth, and for many people in the Denver area, during the winter they’re essential. Fur coats, stoles, and accessories are known for their quality but also their price tag. Purchasing true fur is an investment, so you want to make sure you properly caring for them so they’ll last over time. Fur can be easily damaged, but the proper storage can help prevent damage to fur.

While you should always let a professional store your fur coat, such as Jonval, we know that that’s not always an option. Before you store your coat though, make sure it’s cleaned! Keep reading to learn how to properly store your fur coat from your premiere Denver fur coat store!

Selecting Your Location

Make sure that this area doesn’t get sunlight, as fur does not do well if exposed to direct sunlight. The ideal place should be extremely dark, such as your closet. But, if your closet is by your bedroom window, that’s not ideal. If you have a closet in a hallway, away from windows, that would be your best bet.

Additionally, the area that you choose to store your fur coat needs to be cool as fur does best in colder temperatures. Make sure that the area of your home is cool, especially in the summer months. Humidity can be very damaging to fur, so be sure that the area is not only cool, but also not humid. A lot of people will store their coats in basements as they are cool and don’t have direct sunlight, but basements can be very humid. Fur coats should never be stored in areas that have excessive humidity. If you need to put your coat in a humid room, be sure to invest in a humidifier.

Storing Your Coat Safely

Believe it or not, the hanger you choose to hang your fur coat really matters. Choose the wrong kind, and you’ll end up damaging your coat. Fur coats are heavy so be sure to choose a broad-shouldered clothes hanger that can support the weight of your coat. You should also store your coat in a cloth bag. While you probably have plastic coat bags from previous cleanings, don’t use those because plastic will dry out a coat. A cloth coat bag should be big enough to comfortably fit your coat.

Finally, make sure the closet you choose your coat in isn’t filled to the brim. Your fur coat should never, ever be shoved in the corner of a crowded closet. They need ample room for storage. So, if you don’t have room in the closet for your coat, move the clothing elsewhere or find another place to store it.

Professional Storage

If you’re having trouble finding a place to store your coat at home, it’s best to bring it to the professionals, such as Jonval! Jonval offers Colorado’s best summer fur care facility in our U.L. certified, temperature, and humidity controlled vault. Stop by our store today or contact us with any questions you have about storing your fur coat!