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The Top Fur Coat Cleaning Mistakes From Your Denver Fur Coat Store

January 31, 2018

Fur coats are a definite investment, and provide extraordinary protection from the cold in the winter so it’s imperative that your fur coats are properly cleaned and taken care of! If you don’t already know by now, fur coats are one of the most high-maintenance coats on the market, exceeding leather or shearling. People that have taken the proper steps to clean and store their fur coats have them last decades, even centuries, and it’s all because of the proper method of cleaning. You want your fur to last a lifetime, right? Avoid these common cleaning mistakes to keep your fur lasting forever!

Rule #1: Never, Ever Put Your Fur Jacket Into A Washing Machine

It makes sense, you throw your clothes into a washing machine if they need washed, so you can toss your expensive fur jacket in there too, right? Wrong! A fur coat and a washing machine equate to a disaster. The hairs on a fur coat are not susceptible to the powerful cleaning that goes into a washing machine. The fur needs to be gently washed and professional cared for. At Jonval, we suggest that you bring your fur jacket in so our professionals can hand wash and dry clean it for you.

Rule #2: Avoid Stains, If You Can

Stains can be a real problem in the rear for fur coats. We know that it’s impossible to always avoid stains, but if you can while wearing your fur coat, be extra careful about spilling food or drink on it. Cleaning stains off of a fur coat can become a complicated. Your fur jacket has natural oils so using any soap or cleaning agent could possibly damage the fur for life. If you do end up getting a stain on your furs, take them to the professionals that know how to handle fur coats and stains. Stop on by Jonval and we can help get stains out the right way!

Rule #3: All Fur Is Not Waterproof!

It’s true that the hairs on the furs of your coat are naturally oiled, but that certainly doesn’t mean that your coat is waterproof. Avoid wearing your fur coat on a rainy day because it shouldn’t be exposed to long sessions of water outside or even hand washed, soaked in water. If you have accidentally done this to your coat, the natural oils have probably gone away from your jacket. But, don’t worry just yet, because if you take your coat to a professional cleaning, they can restore the oils and give you tips on how to prevent losing the oils on your jacket again.

Remember, we want your fur jacket to last a lifetime, and it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to clean your coat! Avoid these common mistakes so that you can pass down your coat from generation to generation. At Jonval, we offer fur repairs, alterations, fur cleaning, glazing, and restoration, fur resizing and remodeling, and fur lining replacement. We are your go-to Denver leather and fur store! Contact us today for any questions you might have!