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Buying New Vs. Denver Leather Repair

March 14, 2018

Do you have a great piece of leather that may not have aged as gracefully as other pieces in your wardrobe? Or perhaps a few mishaps occurred leaving jackets or other leather accessories in need of some love? In some cases, you can invest in Denver leather repair to fix some of the imperfections in your clothing. But other times, it might be time to hang it up for the final time and buy something new. Take some time to learn when you should repair your leather pieces and when it’s time to buy something new.

When Should You Repair?

Over time little things can occur with leather jackets and accessories. For instance, buttons can fall off, zippers can break, or small tears or rips can happen. Also, over time, the interior lining can become worn. When these accidents occur, you do not necessarily have to run out and buy a new leather piece, especially if you love the one you have! Any of these small modifications can be handled by a local leather store in your area. In fact, these are easy fixes that will not put a dent in your wallet. In many cases, you can have a zipper replace and a new liner inserted making your leather jacket like new! Also, if you have major spills to your leather, take them to a leather repair shop as quickly as possible. They can care for the accident and restore its luster. Waiting too long or adding too much water on your own can further damage the piece.

Signs It’s Time to Buy New

There are a few cases where a leather jacket may be completely ruined, leaving you no choice than to buy a new one. For starters, washing it in the machine. Leather can’t be washed like clothing. If you accidently throw yours in with a load of laundry, you can check with your leather repair shop, but chances are, it might not be repairable. Similarly, spending too much time in the rain can also ruin leather. Avoid it if possible. Last is age. If leather is not properly cared for, it can crack and dry out. In some instances, the distressed look is actually fashionable. However, they may come a point where it just can’t be fixed. Invest in a new jacket and be sure to use these care tips mentioned below. Make sure you know how to buy the right leather jacket before going to your local store.

Care Tips

Overall, leather is a versatile material that doesn’t require too much care to make it stand the test of time. Some tips to care for your leather accessories include:
  • Do not submerge in water
  • Clean spills quickly with a damp cloth
  • Never put leather in a dryer
  • Add a layer of leather protectant and conditioning a couple of times per year to help avoid cracking and drying
  • Take your jacket in to be dry cleaned at least once or twice per year
  • Store in environments with low humidity and out of direct sunlight
As we enter into a new season, be sure to take care of your spring cleaning your closet and when you’ll need Denver leather repair. Whether you need to repair an existing piece, or are ready to purchase something new, stop by Jonval. Conveniently located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver, we have a variety of leathers and furs for you to add to your wardrobe.