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Spring Cleaning Your Closet and When You’ll Need Denver Leather Repair

A change in the season means it is time to spring clean your closet. It’s a great time to bring out the new, shop for new and work to put away what you will no longer need to wear as the temperatures get warmer during the day. Learn about exchanging your winter clothes for spring, purging old items, tips for organizing your closet and clothing and leather care. You will also need to know when you will need Denver leather repair for those leather items you will want to wear this spring.

Pull Out Spring Clothes and Purge What You Won’t Wear

As the temperatures get warmer, it will become time to pull your spring clothes out of storage. Whether they are in boxes in a closet or if they are just placed in the back of your closet, it is best to pull them all to the front. In this process, it is the perfect time to purge old clothes. While you think you need that tank top that you bought 10 years ago, if you haven’t worn it in a few seasons, it’s probably time to part ways. Make a pile of clothes you will wear and then make a pile that you haven’t in a few seasons. Take another look through the pile you haven’t worn and consider donating or selling it. One of the many places you can donate items is at the Denver Rescue Mission.

Organizing Your Closet

During your closet spring cleaning, it is the ideal time to properly organize your closet. No matter what the size, you can make some small changes that will make it easier as you put clothes away. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to keep items you wear most often in easy reach. For clothing you only wear occasionally, keep them further back in your closet if on hangers, or higher up if you have shelving. Next, decide what works for you in terms of organization. An easy way to navigate is by color-coding your closet and arranging by style of shirt. For instance, you can have a section of tank tops and short sleeves and work your way to long sleeves.  

Clothing and Leather Care

When bringing your spring clothes out of storage, it is a great time to wash all of them. This will get the closet and storage smell out of them, wash away any dirt or bugs that may have gotten into your storage containers and have everything fresh for spring! This is also the perfect time to handle any dry cleaning for those items of clothing that require it. For your leather needs, check your leather to make sure there aren’t any tears or issues. Next, you can use a little conditioning oil. When putting it back in storage, make sure it is hanging in a dry environment. If you notice any tips, tears or issues with your leather, it is best if you take it to a leather repair store to have it properly taken care of.
Whether you are looking for new leather clothing to add to your closet this spring, or need help with alterations, repairs and cleaning, Jonval Leathers and Furs can help. Contact Jonval Leather and Furs in Denver, CO today to see how we can help you during your spring closet transition.