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The Different Types Of Fur From Your Denver Fur Store

March 7, 2018

Just like leather, fur has been used as insulation against the harsh cold for thousands of years throughout our history. For over 200,000 years, fur has been used all across the globe. In the 20th century, faux fur started emerging from synthetic fibers made from fossil fuels, usually with the names such as “synchilla” and “eco-fleece”.

In today’s modern society, people are more concerned with the impact that we have on our environment, so natural, real furs are on the upswing again. Fur will again be a key component in modern fashion that provides comfortable protection from harsh weather, and makes a stylish fashion statement.

If you’re a beginner in the fur industry and are looking for a new coat, you  may not even know where to start or what type of fur you’re looking for. In the fur industry, there are hundreds of different types of fur. Today, we’ll look at the top three, which are some of the most popular. Use this as a guide for figuring out what type of fur coat you want from your Denver fur experts!


One of the more well-known furs, chinchilla is actually one of the most expensive furs you can buy. Simply put, chinchilla fur is one the top quality furs out on the market. This fur is dense, but also light weight, soft, and super silky. If you’re looking for a fur that would be great for special occasions, this is it. Chinchilla fur provides a classic, luxurious look that can also be flashy and trendy. Chinchilla fur needs to be professionally cleaned and stored every year, regardless of how often you wear it. The hair is very fragile and needs special care.


Looking for a fur that has color options and is also affordable? Fox fur is your best bet because it has the widest range of natural colors such as silver, cross, crystal, blue, red, gray, and even white. If you’re wanted a more non-traditional color, fox fur can be dyed to match any color that you want. Fox is a fantastic fur choice because it is perfect for nearly every occasion. It’s warm and classic, but if you do end up dying it a bright color, can be trendy as well. Good quality fox fur should have long, silky hairs with a soft, but dense underfur.


One of the most popular furs in the world, mink fur is extremely versatile and comes in a variety of styles so you can be casual, dressy, and even sporty. Mink’s guard hairs shine with a beautiful luster while the underfur will be lush and really soft. If you’re looking for a fur that has excellent durability and and a great value, mink is perfect for you. Like fox fur, it can be dyed almost any color that you want, so you can customize it to your liking. While most people wear their mink jackets out to special occasions, you can also wear yours everyday as your primary outerwear option.

At Jonval, Denver’s premiere fur experts, we have these top three different types of furs at the ready to help you find the perfect jacket for your. Be sure to stop on in and contact us today if you have any questions!