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How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Faux Fur Coats in Denver

September 20, 2017

Before buying a fur coat, it’s important to closely inspect it to determine if it’s real or faux fur. Some faux furs are designed to look just like the real thing, but they aren’t as valuable or of the same quality. How can you spot faux fur? Here’s how to tell the difference between real and faux fur coats in Denver:

Read the Label

Look inside every garment that you own and you will most likely find a label that clearly states which materials the item is made out of. Fur coats are no exception, so the first place you should look is the label if you are trying to figure out if the coat is real or faux. Fur manufacturers, dealers, and retailers are legally required to include a label on all fur garments that contains information on the type of fur and the country of origin.

It’s important to note that if you are shopping in a vintage store, real fur coats may not have this label if they were produced before the law went into effect. A real fur coat may also not have this label if the lining has been replaced and the label was not sewn into the new lining.

Look For Tapering

Closely look at the tips of each individual hair on the coat. Does the hair slowly taper into a fine point? If the hair becomes narrower at the end, similar to a sewing needle, this typically means the fur is real. However, this should not be the only test that you conduct to determine if the fur is real or faux.  Learn how to tell the difference between faux fur and the real thing.

Feel the Fur

Run your hands through the fur to see how it feels. If the fur is incredibly soft and falls in a smooth line as your hands glide through it, then it is most likely real. On the other hand, faux fur will feel a bit coarse and can sometimes feel sticky in humid weather. Keep in mind that high-end faux furs may feel somewhat authentic. For this reason, this should not be the only test that you conduct to determine if a fur is real or faux, but it can be used to confirm your suspicions.

Check the Backing

Gently push aside some of the fur so you can clearly see the base of the hairs. What type of material is at the base of the fur? Real furs will have leather/skin as a base, so this is a sign that the fur you’re looking at is genuine. However if it’s a faux fur, you should be able to see mesh or threadwork at the base of the hairs.

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