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Why Purchasing a Denver Leather Jacket Is a Good Investment

February 28, 2018

If you are in the market for a new coat, you might have considered buying a leather jacket. But buying a leather jacket in Denver is not like purchasing a cloth coat. A leather jacket costs a bit more, so it is more of an investment. A leather jacket makes a statement about the wearer. A leather jacket will be in your closet for years—maybe even decades. In fact, there are a number of reasons for purchasing a leather jacket.

Let’s take a closer look at why a leather jacket is well worth the investment.


Attitude is perhaps a somewhat frivolous reason for wearing a leather jacket, but attitude can have an impact on your entire demeanor. Let’s face it: Leather presents a slightly tough image. A leather jacket gives off a vibe of competence and edginess. Tough guys have worn leather since the beginning of time. A cloth coat just doesn’t present the same image as a leather coat. The tough-guy appeal of a leather jacket is timeless—never trendy.


From a practical standpoint, leather provides a solid barrier from the wind and is naturally resistant to water. You’ll be dry and warm in your leather jacket by the time the elements have worked their way through a cloth or denim coat. It’s an excellent windbreak and highly water-resistant, and with treatment can become nearly waterproof.

While one hopes you’ll never need protection from a knife or a bear’s claw, a leather jacket will provide a nice barrier from life’s nicks and scrapes. This is just one of the reasons leather outwear is the best choice for motorcyclists. Granted, leather will not provide full protection from a high-speed encounter with concrete, but it offers far more protection than denim or any cloth. Leather hide offers protection for animals, so it is effectively a second skin for humans who wear it as well.


This refers to the natural longevity of leather. A quality leather jacket will not crack or split. Leather gets softer and suppler with time. Unlike cloth, which is woven, leather cannot unravel. Even if you puncture the leather, the damage is confined to that one spot; it won’t spread to the rest of the jacket like cloth does. The toughest denim or canvas is still susceptible to fraying because of the innate weakness of a woven cloth.

If you treat your leather jacket right, it will last a lifetime—or even your children’s lifetime. Think about the leather clothing and armor in museums that goes back to the time of Roman soldiers. Leather lasts! Even if the upfront cost is more, when you consider the cost per wear over the lifetime of your jacket, it could be the least expensive item in your closet!


Caring for your leather jacket is simple: Hang it between wearing in a cool, dry place and take it to a professional leather cleaner about once a year.
If you’re ready to finally get that new leather jacket, contact Jonval Leather in Denver. We offer dozens of styles in our store, or we can even create a custom jacket, just for you. Contact us today!