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Denver Leather Store: What to Look for When Shopping for a New Leather Jacket

January 10, 2018

To put it simply, a new leather jacket is a big investment. And, for good reason. Leather jackets are known to be one of the highest-quality, longest-lasting jackets around. In the past 50 years, leather jackets have  “grown up” from being a biker’s go-to look to one of the most versatile type of jackets you can own. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, a leather jacket will always be in style.

Now that you’re ready to make the leap and invest in a new leather jacket, be sure you know what to look for before you lay down your form of payment on the sales floor counter. Follow the steps below to figure out what you need to look for when shopping for a new leather jacket!

First: Decide What Type of Leather Is For You

There are several types of leather out there that you can choose from when wanting a new leather jacket. Each varies in style, finish and function. Here are some of the differences between them all.

Calfskin is a type of leather that comes from, well, a calf. The hide is less than three years old, and is very soft and durable. Shearling comes from a recently sheared sheep, where the wool has been left on. The surface is suede and on the inside you’ll find it lined with fur. Shearling is known for being lightweight but extremely warm. Ostrich skin typically comes from South Africa. You’ll notice that ostrich skin has a distinctive pattern of bumps all over the skin. This material is more intricate and specialized, making it more expensive. You’ve seen alligator and crocodile skin before, because it’s similar in texture and pattern. This skin is composed from square scales known as tiles. Alligator skin is considered a “finer” skin, but crocodile skin is tougher, and known to withstand rugged wear.

Second: Decide The Style of Jacket That’s Right For You

The most well-known leather jacket, and the one that people think of the most when they hear “leather jacket” is the bike jacket. Biker jackets have a flared collar and large lapels with a front zipper. Biker jackets are typically the most casual style, and can be worn with jeans with no problem. Bomber jackets are somewhat similar to biker jackets, as they are casual in style and have a zipper and collar. However, bomber jackets have elasticized cuffs and bottom. Finally, flying jackets or most commonly referenced as shearling jackets are known for becoming popular by World War I fighter pilots. These jackets are fur-lined which makes them a perfect winter jacket without making you look super bulky or puffy.

If you’re ready to invest in a new leather jacket, contact Jonval Leather today! We offer dozens of styles of jackets to choose from in our store, or we can even create a custom jacket, made to order for you. Pretty cool, right? Contact us today so we can work together to get you your dream leather jacket!