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Leather Store Denver: Meet The Leather and Fur Experts!

December 13, 2017

Jonval Leathers & Furs has a rich history for providing the best leather and fur service in the Denver area for years. Started in 1984, we have become known throughout the Denver area as THE place for our fantastics, eclectic collection of leathers, furs, and shearling, but also for our renowned service and repair. We only have the best experts at Jonval, working to help you with your new purchase or restore and repair your old one. We provide a full range of services for our own retail trade, but also provide service for other retailers all over the west. At Jonval, we take pride for offering our customers the very best selection of manufacturers from around the world. We put an emphasis on quality and uniqueness, things that you can’t readily find elsewhere. We make sure that your visit to Jonval is fun, exciting, and an efficient use of your shopping time.

Our Services

Jonval offers Fur Storage and Fur Cleaning to everyone all over the nation. In Colorado, we experience hot and dry summers that can be extremely damaging to your fur or leather coat. When you start to notice that your leather is starting to dry out and becoming stiff and brittle, bring it in to us so we can give it the proper care. We want to make your investment last as long as possible. We can store your furs in the summer in our U.L. certified, temperature and humidity controlled vault.

We also offer cleaning services because cleaning your fur regularly is very important to its longevity and looks. Have it cleaned and glazed at least every other year to protect it and keep it from getting dry. We have our own process to clean your fur and shearling garments, cleaning each one individually by hand - something we pride ourselves on. All furs are carefully combed, steamed, and glazed, leaving your fur clean, soft, and shiny.

Jonval also offers some of the best alterations and repairs in the state. We offer zipper replacement and relining, resizing, remodeling, rip repairs, panel replacement, fur repairs and alterations, fur glazing, and fur resizing and remodeling. You won’t find anyone else in the area that can help repair your prized jacket.

Finally, we offer custom fur and leather jacket design. We often find people in disbelief that we do make jackets right here in our shop, but it’s true! We do make our own line of in-house manufactured leather and shearling coats and jackets. We use very old school techniques which is actually very cool. If you have an idea in mind, or a favorite old jacket or pants that you would like to replicate, we can make that a reality. We have literally hundreds of leather samples to choose from in any color imaginable. The only limitation you have is your imagination!

Jonval is known as the go-to store for leather, fur, and shearling. Browse our eclectic collection of furs and leathers or stop by to have one of your furs or leather pieces cleaned, stored, or repaired. Contact Jonval Leather today to learn more about us and our services!