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Want to Incorporate Layering into Your Fashion Style? Tips and Adding a Denver Leather Jacket

Spring is a great time to change up your styles. The weather begins to get warmer, but still isn’t always enough to ditch a few layers or jacket. For those in Denver, you know exactly how the conditions can be. For those looking to mix up your current style, learn some of the tips and tricks to layering and other spring fashion tips. Also, learn how you can incorporate a Denver leather jacket into your wardrobe—and keep it for many years to come.

What is Layering?

Layering is a great way to diversify a look. You can take many elements that exist in your closet today and mix and match them for something new. It always starts with a base somehow, whether it be pants, skirt or a top. Some prefer to start with neutral colors, but if you are an eclectic person, feel free to get creative. Next, add a jacket or sleeves over your shirt. If you chose a neutral base, this is where you can add a pop of color. Following this, incorporate a scarf or a statement necklace that adds the perfect touch to finish off the outfit. For those who enjoy wearing skirts, spring nights can still get very cold. Try a bright or pastel colored long sleeve top and short flared skirt, paired with tights. This will keep you warm but looking great for spring.

Spring 2017 Fashion Tips

Many new trends were rolled out at during the Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week. Some of the top colors you can add to your wardrobe that were incorporated in the event included a wide variety of bold colors, especially shades of yellow and khaki. Stripes will also be huge as we move into spring, which goes well on its own or paired a great leather jacket. Next, if you were a fan of the 80s, there will be many elements returning that you can happily add back into your rotation. Love earrings? Just as statement necklaces can make an outfit, you will be able to incorporate large earrings that complement your clothes. Last, you will start to see many shirts and dresses that incorporate an off shoulder. For more ideas, check out Elle’s “The Top Trends from Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week.”

Leather Jackets

If you are looking for the perfect piece of clothing to add to your closet this spring, invest in a leather jacket. This breathable material is perfect for any environment. It is fashionable and always stays in style. Because they are breathable, they won’t be overbearing if worn during the day and then can keep you warm when outside on cool spring evenings and nights. Plus, with a leather jacket, you can practice layering as you can add your jacket over a longer shirt and pair it with a great necklace or scarf. They can also be incorporated with many of the upcoming fashion trends. Looking to be unique? Try these custom leather ideas to add even more personality to your style.

As you look for ways to step up your fashion game this spring, be sure to visit Jonval Leathers and Furs. We have a variety of pieces that will make you stand out. Stop by and see us today at 6880 E. Evans Dr. in Denver.