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​Looking to Be Unique? Try These Custom Leather Ideas

February 22, 2017

From jackets and wallets to hats and other accessories, leather is a timeless material. Because this material can stand the test of time, it is versatile and can be worn over a lifetime. As time goes on, you may want some minor changes in your leather. Visit your closet and take a look at your jackets and accessories and try some of these custom leather ideas to liven up what items you have in your wardrobe!


A popular idea to liven up a standard black leather jacket is with words! Some leather jacket owners enjoy adding words, whether it be a name, group name, or phrases, on the back of a jacket. On the flipside, many who own a leather jacket have a very simple black piece like to add buttons and zippers for flair. Zippers can go on any part of a jacket, whether there are a few zippers on the front to even some on the arms. They can serve both aesthetic and/or practical purposes. For others, they might enjoy adding patches to their jacket for important milestones, places, etc. Another idea to add to a leather jacket are pockets. These can include zippers or buttons to open.


When it comes to leather accessories, there options to customize them are endless. Accessories are already a great accent piece to a wardrobe. With custom leather work, you can make even the simplest of accessories into fashionable pieces. A popular customization that is done to leather accessories is monogramming. Monograms is a design of a person’s initials on an item. They often have a very distinct font and use two opposite colors, for instance one bright and one dark. Next, if you have a leather wallet, consider adding a chain to it. This will not only make it functional in more ways than originally possible, but will change the overall look of the piece. For more ideas to enhance your leather style, check out Style Motivation’s Leather Accessories Tips to Make Your Look Classy.


While customization is great, sometimes you want to just restore your leather to its original beauty. This is when repairs or cleaning is needed. Restoration can restore a faded color back to its shine you loved before. Restoration is also great to condition leather to help it have a fresh, new look. Over time, zippers and buttons may become damaged or worn. This is where restoration can replace any failing pieces and make the jacket or accessory look like new. While some restoration can be done by you, you can also trust an expert to make your item look like new. You can also have leather resized as well.

When it comes to your leather-fur alterations, repairs and cleaning in Denver, CO, Jonval Leathers, Furs, Shearlings and Accessories can help. Whether you need rip repairs, panel replacements, alterations, zipper replacements and more, we are your go-to business. To get ideas, learn more about the types of alterations to keep your leather and fur coats in Denver lasting for decades. To get more ideas, visit our store at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.