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Does Your Fur and Leather Need Fixing? Signs You Need Denver Leather Repair

February 1, 2017

Fur and leather coats and jacket are great investments. They offer protection from the cold while looking fashionable and trendy. This closet staple can last for decades if cared for properly. Over time, wear and tear will occur. By properly repairing your furs and leathers quickly, you can restore them to like-new quality. Learn some things to look out for so you know when it is time to have these materials serviced.

Proper Care

When it comes to caring for your leather, it is important to only use a damp cloth to wash off any stains. Do not put it in the washer or use any harsh cleaners. You can invest in a leather conditioner that you can use a couple times a year to ensure your leather does not begin to dry and crack. Once you are finished wiping down your leather jacket, hang it to dry and do not put it into the dryer. Fur has very similar care tips to leather. Always be sure to hang it in a dry space as water or humid situations can wear on it. If it becomes wet due to the elements outside, shake out what you can, then hang it to dry. To have your leather and fur cleaned, it is important to take them to a professional as they know how to properly care of these garments.

Types of Damage

Water is one of the biggest factors that can damage leather and fur. Large amounts of water and humid environments can destroy the quality of your leather to the point it is difficult to repair. Failing to store furs and leathers properly can also damage them. Be sure to store them in cool and dry places. Over time you may also accidently rip or tear your leather jacket seems. In other cases, it may have residue on it that is hard for you to remove on your own. With fur, it is important not to keep them stored properly and do not let anything sit on them for long periods of time. The longer time spent in a bad environment, the more likely they are to damage.

Repair and Storage Process

You know it is time to consider repair for your leather jackets when it begins to show wear and tear. It is best to let a professional handle it so you do not ruin it in the process of fixing it. With furs, you may notice certain areas of the fur are loose or there may be obvious tears in the material. It is important to have these considered as soon as possible. Once the warmer months return and you will not need your fur coat for the season, ensure it is stored properly. For a guide on storing all your winter clothes, read How to Store Winter Clothes: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind.

Caring for your leather and fur is key. By letting a professional help repair and restore, you will be sure that your investments are properly cared for. Read more tips for cleaning leather, fur and shearling coats. For help with yours, contact Jonval Leather and Furs. Call us at 720-337-1555 to discuss your needs.