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Denver Leather Pro Tip: What to Wear for New Year's Eve

December 7, 2016

The holiday season is a busy time of year. From shopping and wrapping to baking and gift giving, there is so much to do. There are also many holiday parties to take part in. If you are looking for new fashions and styles to wear to your holiday and New Year’s events, your leather store in Denver can help. From coats to accessories, there is something for everyone to spruce things up to make your outfit the talk of the party!

Women’s Fashion

Women can draw the eyes of the party even by the coat they are wearing. For those who prefer traditional styles, try a long dark fur coat. Find a style with a beautiful full trim around the neck and arms. You can find beautiful brown tones or black and greys for a classic look. For something a little bolder, choose a bold color such as red. It can go well with black pants or that “little black dress.” You can also stay warm by wearing a light leather jacket. Another great look for casual party is a great leather vest or light colored slim leather jacket. Stay in the holiday spirit with a great red or white vest, paired with a dark pair of jeans and black or brown boots. For more ideas, read Real Simples’ 5 Easy Holiday Party Outfits.

Men’s Fashion

One of the most classic leather jackets that is perfect to invest in before the start of the year is a classic Schott 644. This traditional American jacket has been beloved for decades dating back to WWII. It is made of a smooth black surface with trim arms and linear trimmings. You can also invest in a brown leather jacket rich in character. This is a great addition to a dark pair of jeans and dark shoes. For another warmer option, choose a long black button up leather jacket. This can pair well with a light undershirt and dark pants or jeans and dark shoes that will keep you warm all night long, and help you stay the life of the party. If you’re a sports fan, pick up a leather sports jacket of your favorite team. It will also help make small talk at your parties!


Finding the perfect accessory is ideal for your holiday parties. For women, you can find a sleek leather wallet or clutch to keep with you all night long. It will be big enough for your essentials and not bulky. If your party is during the day, walk into the party with a great pair of sleek sunglasses. For men, keep your cards and essentials in a slim leather wallet. Keeping it slim will allow it to fit into our back pocket or new leather jacket easily without being obvious. Be sure to stay warm with a pair of black leather gloves.
For all your holiday and New Year’s styles, visit Jonval Leather, Furs, Shearlings and Accessories. Be sure to read our guide to finding the perfect Denver leather jacket, then stop by! We have all the styles and fashions to make you the talk of your party. Come by our store at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.