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The Reason a Custom Leather Jacket is so Highly Prized

Leather is one of the oldest materials known to man. It has been used for many centuries, and therefore has a rich history when it comes to its preparation and use. And leather is often a more expensive, natural choice. The durability that leather possesses is one reason so many choose it as their go-to material for clothing, accessories, custom jackets, shoes, furniture, and more.

In history, the Greeks and Egyptians were using leather for clothing all the way back in 1300 – 1200 B.C. From their use, leather spread throughout the entire Roman Empire. The Chinese were also known for using animal hides and tanning them into usable leather during the Middle Ages. And of course, the Native Americans in North America were highly skilled at preserving and using leather long before the Europeans arrived. Because it has been around so long, the process of farming, preserving, tanning, and crafting leather into usable products has been perfected throughout the centuries, making it one of the oldest – and greatest – materials we still use today for our products. 

The process of preparing leather is very specific and not easy, so there is a demand for leather, as it is highly durable, and when properly cared for, it can last decades. In history, well-prepared leather had a great following among the royals and those with money, because it was seen as a material that possessed richness. It was used by the rich, and is still one of the more expensive materials in today’s world.

Leather is durable and can last decades if properly cared for, so most folks don't mind paying a bit more for a product made of leather. It is considered more of an investment, as the product will last way longer than other materials. Leather has a great feel and smell. This also makes leather products desirable. The feel is amazing, the look is stunning, the lifetime of the product is prolonged, the smell is rich, and this all adds up to the sophistication and richness that leather possesses.

 Types of leather:
• Full Grain – The highest grade and most expensive.
• Top Grain – Left with some grain, but sanded to get rid of any type of markings.
• Genuine Leather – This leather has no grain left and is taken from the bottom portion of the hide.
• Bonded Leather – The lowest grade of leather. All the scraps and shavings of leather are pressed and glued together to form sheets.

In today’s world, leather is not just for the rich and royal, but it is pricier than other jacket materials. One thing still remains true about leather, though, and that is: When worn, it gives the wearer the same rich qualities as itself.
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