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Denver Leather and Fur Shop Shares A Short History of the Modernization of Leather Jackets

August 3, 2016

Fashion trends continue to change every year and new fashion trends are always coming and going. However, there are specific items that still remain in style, no matter the changing trends. Leather jackets have managed to stay constant no matter what kind of fashion trends come and go. One thing may change as to this regard is the style and cut of the jacket. However, for the most part, leather jackets have remained popular either way.

Adding a New Look
Leather jackets are the choice many people make when they are trying to add a new look to their wardrobe. If you wanted a bomber jacket, for example, it could be worn over a dress or other outfit to change the entire ensemble, giving you a different look. Biker style jackets are also handy when you are looking for a casual look. For the person going to a business meeting, there are more formal options. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the modern leather jacket.

The Cave Men
Leather is used to make jackets as a means of providing protection. Cavemen discovered in the past that they were able to dry animal hide using smoke. Plants would be used to preserve the animal hides. For that reason, they would feel warm during the cold weather as the animal hide used to make leather provided that protection. In fact, this was how leather jacket started its path to the modern world. While this is a crude method of curing animal hides to create a jacket, it laid the fundamentals and with more advanced methods, leather was crafted into a contemporary look.

Modern Times
In modern times, leather jackets got its popularity in the early part of the 1900s. This is when the bomber jacket got its attention. This kind of jacket was worn by military staff and aviators. They wore it as part of their uniforms in order to protect them from the harsh weather that they would stumble upon while at high altitudes. For that reason, bomber jackets during those times were made with durability, warmth, and comfort in mind.

The Motorcyclist
Biker style jackets were designed to provide safety to motorcycle riders. These types of jackets were constructed with more thickness and functionality, providing protection from weather and other hazardous situations while riding. The value of these jackets to the motorcyclist is evident as you will more than likely not see a rider without his or her jacket. These come in various designs and styles, some incorporating extra padding for more protection. The padding is strategically positioned in high impact areas of the jacket to cushion the cyclist if there is an accident. Even if you are not a motorcyclist, you will still appreciate the value and durability of this particular jacket.

Other Fashion
In modern times, many fashion designers have incorporated leather into their clothing line, using both leather and other materials in one ensemble. This has become the modern culture as designers have come to appreciate the history and benefit of leather.

If you are looking for a timeless piece of clothing, leather jacket is the choice. It has gone through many cultures throughout history. To own one of these timeless pieces, call Jonval Leather and Fur today at (720) 377-1555.