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Leather Jacket Repair as a Viable Solution

June 29, 2016

Due to the heavy use of your leather jacket, it may be prone to getting scratched and snagged by various objects or things such as your car keys, cat, thorn, or twig. To repair those scratches and snags can be quite simple, but it will depend on the extent of the damage. In any case, leather jacket repair requires extra attention to detail and much care. Jonval offers leather and fur repair in Denver that will help you save your beloved pieces.

Torn Jacket
If the jacket was torn from scuffs or scratches, then it is going to require more detailed repair. Most times, a torn leather jacket may be as a result of not repairing a previous scratch. The damage, then, can be quite significant when left too long.

Don’t Throw It Out
Before you think about throwing away a favorite leather jacket, it is highly suggested that you try to get it repaired first. A good leather jacket in recent years is like an old friend that you have developed a trusting relationship with. It could be that due to the daily wear of your jacket, it gets softer as you break it in. In fact, it may not have been as comfortable then as it is now that you have gotten the desired look you have always wanted.

Proud Owner
However, unfortunately, for you, by the time it is broken in, the knit cuffs, zipper, and waistband could have suffered some damage. If you are the proud owner of a nice leather jacket and it has become a staple in your wardrobe, you don’t have to get rid of it because of damage. Be aware, though, that you have to properly maintain your jacket to keep it in good condition. If you have appropriately maintained your jacket and still suffered damage, it can be fixed.

Prevent is the Word
When you first purchased a leather jacket and brought it home, it was in good condition or you would have taken it back to the retailer, right? Sure, it looked fabulous on you for some time. However, you probably weren’t providing the proper care to your leather jacket. It could have lasted you longer, in the event that you did. In fact, with proper care, you could own your jacket for up to 50 years. Yes, you heard right – 50 years of good maintenance, especially if you have a good quality jacket.

Method of Repair
You should get to know your leather jacket as you would a friend. Learn how to take care of it with mandatory cleaning. If you are unable to care for it yourself, then take it a professional to clean. If you have done your part in providing the appropriate care to your leather jacket and it is still in need of repair, a professional will assess the damage and find the ideal method of repair.

The Specialist

The leather repair specialist has to ensure that during the repair process, the leather is not weakened. For edges that appear rough, but not torn, the repair specialist can add a mixture of beeswax and mink oil. It improves the roughness, softening it, but not as much. The combined beeswax and mink oil also preserves the leather and prevents it from being stained.

Don’t try to repair your jacket on your own. Leave it to the professionals since leather is so delicate while being repaired. Select leather repair specialist with years of experience in working with various types of leather. To have your leather jacket repaired, contact the experts at Jonval Leather and Fur today.