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Jonval Leathers and Furs New Year, New Closet, Part II

Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, the new year brings a new hope, a new beginning. I love the feeling of starting anew. I love a clean slate and the opportunity to reinvent myself. And what better way to do that, than with a closet update and organization. Jonval Leathers and Furs is here to help you to get that fresh start that the new year brings.

In these next few blogs, we will give you all sorts of tips and tricks for updating, organizing, and cleaning out your closet. In the last blog, we showed you our super handy tip of placing all of your hangers in the same direction. As you use and wear your clothes, be sure to reverse the hanger when you hang it back up.

In this way, you will have a lovely visual of what you wear, and more importantly, what you do not wear. Then the difficult task of deciding what to do with what you now know you should get rid of begins. We discussed in our last blog that if you are waiting to fit into something, it is time to stop waiting, get rid of that clothing that is just taking up space, and make room for all the fun new clothing you actually want and will wear. 

Throw Out, Donate, or Give Away

If this is the case, that the clothing no longer fits you for whatever reason, yet is still in good to excellent condition, then it is time to either donate the clothing or give it away. I happen to have a friend who is smaller than me and it is to her that most of my clothing that no longer fits me goes.

If she decides she doesn’t want it (which is not usually the case because my taste in clothing rocks!) then it is time to put it in the donate bit. I actually keep a bin in one of my three closets (do not judge, I live alone in a three bedroom, why wouldn’t I use all three closets?).

This bin comes in very handy throughout the year. It makes it easier to make the decision to get rid of something because the bin is right there and I have to do nothing more but take that clothing off of the hanger and fold it and place it in the bin.

I also really love this because it is a bit of a mind trick as well. By keeping that bin all year (or at least until it is full and I am ready to make a trip to my local thrift story), I can trick myself into believing I could easily take it back out of the bin, should I lose the weight I have not managed to do for the past five years. But remember, we are living in the now, now. 

We still have so many tips and tricks for your New Year closet clean out and update. Jonval Leathers and Furs cannot wait to share them all with you.