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Jonval Leathers and Furs Discusses The Different Types Of Leathers Part Four

In the last few blogs Jonval Leathers and Furs discussed all the many factors that affect the quality of leather. In these next few blogs, we will discuss all of the different types of leather that result from the different qualities of leather.

I, for one, had no idea there were so many different types of leather. Last week we talked about pigmented leather. We learned that pigmented leather is a lower quality of leather, yet still very durable. It is often used in furniture and comes in a variety of colors. 

In this week’s blog, Jonval Leathers and Furs will discuss the next few types of leather, crust and embossed leather. Crust leather is leather that tanned and dried. However, this crust leather is not dyed like pigmented leather tends to be. 

As we learned with chrome and non chrome leather in a pervious blog, the tanning process is often what determines the type of leather. With crust leather, there are two types of tanning processes resulting in two types of crust leather. These leathers are either vegetable crust or chrome crust.

Crust leather is usually dyed and finished before it is processed. If it is not dyed, crust leather is usually a neutral beige in color. Because it starts as this neutral color, it is easy to hand dye it to suit one’s needs. When hand dying products such as shoes, belts, and purses, it is possible to make unique and one of a kind designs and colors.

The next type of leather Jonval Leather and Furs will discuss is embossed leather. This leather is embossed or imprinted with artificial, yet unique designs. This process uses high pressure and heat to imprint these patterns onto the leather. Combining this heat and pressure with steel plates with specific engrave designs.

There are three types of embossing. They include color imprint, blind embossing, and gold embossing. Blind embossing is imprinting a pattern without any color. While gold embossing uses gold films to imprint the patter. Of course, color embossing uses color films to do the imprinting onto the leather. 

When I think of embossed leather, I often envision the lovely purses I could never afford at all the markets I visited when traveling through Central America. They were beautiful leather purses with flowers and mountains and butterflies throughout the outside of the purse. They were intricate and detailed and timeless. Man, I wish I could have afforded one back then.

Along with purses and bags, embossed leather can be found on nearly any leather product. Some products might be fine leather journals, detailed leather furniture, and luxury leather accessories. 

Embossing leather is a great way to personalize your leather products. If you are looking for something unique and suited just to you, you may want to think about looking into embossed leather. You could even take leather products you already have and see about having them embossed to your liking. 

We have explored many types of leathers, and many of these leathers can be found at Jonval Leathers and Furs. Stop in soon to explore all your leather and fur needs.