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Jonval Leathers and Furs Discusses The Different Types Of Leathers

I, for one, had no idea there were so many different types of leather. So lets just jump right in. First, the type of leather often depends on a few factors. These include the percentage of organic material involved, the finishing process, and the durability of the final material. 

We touched briefly on this first type of leather in our last blog. Aniline leather is some of the softest leather you will find. This term comes from the type of dye used to color it. The dye is an aniline dye. This dye usually comes as a powder. This powder is then dissolved into water, alcohol, or a petroleum solvent. 

These dyes are water soluble and translucent. Because of this the wrinkles, scars, and marks that can be found in the hide of the animal are brought out quicker. 

Aniline leather is some of the most expensive leather. This is because this dying process can only be attempted on the highest quality of animal hide to begin with. Then, over time the dye helps the leather to develop a beautiful, natural patina.

This top quality leather is often used for making high end, luxury accessories. You will find it used in such as accessories as bags and purses, fine jackets, and high end wallets. You can also find it in top quality furniture. It is important to note that this type of high quality leather does require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.  

The next type of leather Jonval Leather and Fur would like to discuss is semi aniline leather. This leather is not completely dyed as the full aniline leather. Instead, it is simply lightly coated on the surface with the dye. This results in a stronger leather than aniline leather. It also is able to maintain its natural look because of this type of dye process. There is some stain resistance, but it is not full coverage.

The next type of leather Jonval Leather and Furs will discuss is Antique grain leather. You may have also heard this called distressed leather. This leather has that worn and used look (in a good way) that many shoppers are looking for. It is treated in order to get an antique, rugged look. This results in a vintage look many are looking for without having to wait years for the natural process to happen. 

The process to get this vintage look is to treat the leather by applying a partially rubbed off or uneven contrasting top coat. This reveals the pale underlying color of the hide. This weathered leather, aside from rhyming, is also sought after in such products as fine wallets, belts, jackets, bags, and purses.

So far we have discussed the first three types of leather. Stay tuned next week when Jonval Leathers and Furs will discuss the next few types of leather and where you will find them.