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5 Services Jonval Leather Can Provide For You This Summer

May 6, 2022

If you have been looking for a business that can repair your fine furs and leathers then you have come to the right place! Jonval Leather offers a multitude of services for leather and fur coats as well as accessories. Let’s dive into some of the unique servies Jonval Leather & Furs can provide you!


The first service that Jonval Leather can offer you this summer is professional leather and fur cleaning services. You may be considering cleaning your fine leathers and furs by yourself, but it is always a good idea to have an expert take a look at your piece to determine what products should and can be used on your material. Using water on your leather can damage the material and fur coats should be cleaned and glazed every year! 


Jonval Leather & Furs can also do alterations for you. Whether you just bought a new piece or your favorite coat is simply too big or too small for you now, we can get the perfect fit for you achieved on the first try. Trust our experts at Jonval Leather to get the job done right and your favorite wardrobe pieces will come out of our shop looking like new!


Repairs are commonly needed for jackets, coats, pants, gloves, and other items when buttons fall off or zippers falter. Zipper replacements as well as relinings are commonly done in our shop. We can work with leathers, suedes, shearlings, various furs, and related materials. Don’t wait until you want to wear your favorite leather jacket to get it repaired. Plan ahead and repair your piece ahead of time!


One of the best services that we have to offer is our re-modeling services. If you have an older piece that is faded, damaged, or worn, we can work with you to create a fresh, new piece from the old material. Whether you are wanting a piece that is more in line with current trends or would rather rock a timeless, versatile style, our experts will help create the look you desire. Your beloved piece can be transformed into something both practical and contemporary!

Master Furrier

A great and unique aspect of our store is that we have a full-time master furrier on site. The advantages of having a master furrier in our shop are immense. Our master furrier is an expert about all things fur and can help you re-design a piece you’ll love. Re-sizing, alterations, restoration, fur lining replacement, cleaning, and glazing are also services that our master furrier can provide for you!

Don’t let your favorite leather and fur clothing and accessories sit in storage collecting dust. Jonval Leather can repair and revamp your leather and fur wardrobe pieces into something you’ll love for years to come! Contact Jonval Leather & Furs today to consult with our experts about what services will give your favorite clothing item or accessory the spotlight they deserve!