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How To Style Your Leather Bomber Jacket This Spring

April 12, 2022

It can be difficult to find a staple piece for your wardrobe that will stand the test of time. A leather bomber jacket may just be exactly what you have been looking for. Through the years bomber style jackets have remained a staple trend and vital piece to any wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look at why bomber jackets are still a go-to accessory in 2022!

What Is A Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets were first introduced as military flight jackets designed to keep pilots warm during war. Bomber jackets have a few main feautures that sets them apart from the rest. These jackets tend to be on the shorter side in length and will fall just at your waistline. They typically feature a ribbed waistband and cuffs, a distinct neckline, and zipper front. Having four pockets on the front side of the jacket at the top and sides is also common.

A Style Investment

Bomber jackets are timeless statement pieces used to complete an outfit. They can be worn in both casual and dressy casual settings. Pair a black leather bomber jacket with a t-shirt, some denim jeans, and a pair of combat boots or trendy sneakers for a cool and casual look. If your leather bomber jacket is a bright, unique color, stick to neutral colors for the rest of your outfit. When purchasing a leather jacket you will want to make sure you are buying a top quality product so that it will last you a long time. Having a leather bomber jacket in your wardrobe this spring will take your outfits to the next level and be worth the investment!

Mix It Up

While traditionally made with leather, bomber jackets are now made from a variety of materials such as suede, wool, nylon, polyester, and cotton. Your staple leather bomber jacket can keep the traditional look, style, and color of a military flight jacket or you can spice it up to create a more fashion forward look. This can be done by customizing small details of the jacket or buying a bomber jacket in a unique color such as white, red, blue, or olive green. Keep in mind what colors look best on you! If the practicality of the jacket is not your priority, purchasing a leather bomber jacket that is more fashion forward may be the best option for you. If you want a bomber jacket that is both fashionable and practical, you can add some fur lining to the inside of the jacket for added warmth and a stylish surprise!

A comfy, casual, and cute leather bomber jacket is exactly what your wardrobe needs this spring. Ready to find your new favorite leather jacket? Check out our collection at Jonval Leathers & Furs to see our unique jackets and runway ready styles. Contact Jonval Leathers & Furs for more information about our custom pieces and quality leather and fur products!