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Jonval Leather Talks About How To Care For Your Suede Leather

March 28, 2022

Have you recently purchased a fashionable suede leather jacket or perhaps a suede dress shoe? If you have never owned suede before, you will want to know how to take care of this material to keep it looking nice and in good condition. Let’s take a look at some basic rules for wearing suede and what the best ways are to take care of your suede clothing items!

What Is Suede?

Suede is similar to leather in that they are both made from animal hide. While leather is made from the tougher, top layer of the animal hide, suede is made from the softer, underside of an animal hide. Although made from similar materials, suede and leather have largely different textures. Leather tends to be smooth, tough, and durable. Suede on the other hand feels more like velvet and is much lighter than leather. 

Say No To H2O!

Like many of the materials we work with at Jonval Leather & Furs, suede requires specialty tools in order to clean it. Why is this you may ask? Suede and water DO NOT get along! Getting suede wet will actually cause the suede to stain. So if you can’t use water to clean suede fabric, what can you use?

Suede Brush

The first thing you are going to want to invest in if you have suede items in your wardrobe is a suede brush. Suede brushes utilize a combination of both stiff and soft bristle to help you get the dirt and grime from the city off of your jacket. Going over your suede fabrics with a suede brush once a week will help to keep your suede looking clean and pristine!

Suede Eraser

If you have gotten some dirt on your suede jacket and your suede brush didn’t do the trick, the next step is to use a suede eraser. A suede eraser helps to lift and shred dirt and debris that is stuck to your jacket. It is best to brush downwards and in the same direction for the best results!

Cleaning Solutions

If you still have a harsh stain on your suede clothing item, it’s time to bring out the big guns! Since water cannot be used to treat stains on suede, vinegar or rubbing alcohol are great solutions to use to clean pesky stains. Put some vinegar or rubbing alcohol on a washcloth and gently dab the affected area. Wait for the suede to completely dry out before you reassess the damage. Once the stain has been removed you can use a suede brush to retexturize the material!

Suede can be a bit more affordable than leather and can be a great way to step up your wardrobe until you're ready to invest in your dream leather jacket! This material is also a good way for you to practice taking care of clothes that need special treatment before you put a large sum of money into a nice fur or leather coat. Are you ready to be the main character? Contact Jonval Leather & Furs today for cleanings and customs!