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Here’s Why You Should Choose Jonval Leathers & Furs To Restore Your Favorite Fur Coat

February 27, 2022

Do you have an old fur coat that needs some revival? Whether you thrifted your coat, bought it a few years ago, or inherited it, your fur coat might be looking a bit run down after the harsh winter months. It can be difficult to find a business or professional that you can trust to take excellent care of your coat. The search is over! Here’s why Jonval Leathers & Furs is the best company to trust to bring new life to your fur coat!

When To Clean Your Fur

How often should you be cleaning your fur coats? It is recommended by experts to get your fur coat professionally cleaned at least every other year. If you notice any stains or make-up spots around the collar of your coat, you will want to get your coat professionally cleaned sooner. Conditioning the fur of your coat regularly will go a long way in making your investment last!

Regular Repair

Regular cleaning of your fur coats is extremely important to its lifespan and maintained quality. Products such as make-up, perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays build up over time and need to be cleaned out in order to assure that your coat lasts. Your coat can also become dried out over time and become stiff and brittle, so it is important to have your coat glazed or conditioned every year to two years to protect your fur!

Proper Storage

If you are new to owning a fur coat it may not have crossed your mind that you may need to professionally store your coat during certain seasons of the year depending on where you live. The leather lining of your fur coat can dry out over time, especially during the hot and dry summers of Colorado! Never fret! Jonval Leathers & Furs offers our customers a high-quality fur care facility! Our fur care facility is a U.L. certified, temperature and humidity controlled vault in Colorado. Don’t risk ruining your favorite fur coat or having to buy a new one. Take precautionary steps to keep your fur coats in pristine condition!

Jonval Leathers & Furs has been bringing a new meaning to being the best in the west since 1984! We offer products and services that are not readily available or easily found and even provide professional services to other retailers located around the west. Our experts will take excellent care of you and your favorite luxury coats! Fur restorations are just one of the many services and unique products we provide. Contact Jonval Leathers & Furs today and get your fur coat looking like new!