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Fantastic fur coat options for this fall and beyond!

September 20, 2021

With fall fast approaching, you may be considering what outerwear pieces to invest in. While we always recommend you consider adding a timeless Denver leather jacket to your wardrobe, purchasing a fall-appropriate fur coat is another fantastic option! By adding a fur coat to your outerwear arsenal, you can create even more fabulous autumn ensembles and stay on-trend. As a bonus, these coats will transition seamlessly into the winter months- giving you even more bang for your buck! If you are ready to add fur to your fall wardrobe, our experts have you covered with four amazing options below.


Made from sheepskin, shearling coats are fantastic additions to any fall wardrobe. Boasting beauty and warmth, these jackets are great for keeping the cold at bay while looking effortlessly chic. Because shearling is often less heavy than a traditional fur coat, this option is great for those who plan to wear their coat for a variety of different activities. Shearling is also available in a wide range of color combinations and lengths. While luxury furs like mink and chinchilla can be quite costly, shorter shearling coats and vests can offer a more approachable price.  

Fur-lined leather

We are huge fans of quality Denver leather jackets. However, for some, this may not be enough, especially chilly evenings. For those looking for extra warmth and a unique style, fur-lined leather jackets may be just what you need. While these coats offer the exceptional durability and fit of leather, they also provide a touch of luxurious fur on the interior or exterior lining of the coat. Perfect for any gender, this jacket works for any occasion and style. For those looking to wear their fur-lined leather jacket throughout the fall, we recommend investing in styles like a shearling-lined aviator jacket or a fox-collared biker jacket.


Considered one of the softest and most luxurious options available, it is no wonder coats made from this fur are highly sought-after. While these can be very costly, mink coats can last decades and work for almost any weather. For those considering a mink outerwear option for the fall, we recommend purchasing a style that is cropped or waist-length. We also suggest investing in a mink coat that is a light color, such as shades of cream or tan, as this often attracts less heat from the sun.


Another popular option, rabbit fur is ideal for those seeking trendy fur coat styles that are a bit more cost-effective than other luxury furs. Because rabbit fur is lightweight and available in a plethora of color options, it is a great fall coat material! We recommend investing in rabbit fur coats that have been sheared for a fun, sporty look.

If you are interested in purchasing the perfect Denver fur coat for the fall season, give our experts a call at (720) 377- 1555. To view our amazing selection of items, check out the Jonval leather and fur gallery or visit our showroom at 6880 East Evans Avenue. Contact us today to learn more about all our fur, leather, and shearling services!