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Tips and tricks to increase the lifespan of your Denver leather and fur

Leather or fur coats are durable - which makes your investment worth it. With the proper care, a leather or fur coat can last for decades. With the cool summer nights and cold winters, this type of clothing is ideal for any condition. As time progresses, the material may need adjustments or you may want some changes to change the style. You may also want to put some work into it to keep it looking brand new. Alterations and cleaning can be done to your fur or leather to keep it in tip-top shape or to customize it to accommodate current times. 


When it comes to leather, the great thing about it is it does not need regular cleaning. Too much cleaning can damage it. Typically, a leather jacket only needs to be cleaned once a year unless necessary. On your own, you can wipe down its surface on occasion if needed with a mild detergent. Use a soft sponge or dishcloth. You can also invest in leather cleaners that work specifically for the type of leather you are trying to clean. Learn more about cleaning leather in World of Leather’s “Essential Tips of Cleaning Leather Coats.” As for fur, typically it only needs to be cleaned on an annual basis as well. However, if you wear it in extreme conditions or dirty environments, you can clean it as often as every six. Just be careful to not over-clean it and wear the material. Use a damp washcloth to wipe down your washcloth and make sure not to be rough with it. You can also contact your local fur and leather company to care for cleaning.

Re-size or Re-model

Your leather and fur will last for decades. However, styles do change decade to decade. To get the most of your money, you can work with your local fur and leather alteration shop to make small adjustments. This will allow you to make the most of your investment. A local shop can adjust for size, fix zippers, and other small alterations to make it match the styles. Just keep in mind, if you take much off the bottom, it may not be able to change in the future. Also, as time goes on, zippers may need to be fixed as well. This is something you can count on with a fur and leather alterations company. 

Fur lining replacement

Over time, you may need to bring new life to your fur coat. One of the things you may need to do is replace the lining within it. Over time, it is common for the area exposed to the elements, such as around the sleeves or neck. Keep in mind that once they start to wear, you will need to bring it in and have the fur lining replaced. Even for minor tears, you can have it fixed and keep it lasting for years. 

For any of your fur or leather alterations, you can trust the experts at Jonval. We clean and alter leather, fur, and shearling, fix zippers, re-size and re-model and replace fur. Contact us at 720-377-1555 to see what types of services we can do for your leather and fur. When you bring in your items for alterations, we have a variety of other services too! Need holiday gift ideas? Try your local leather store in Denver for all of your needs.