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Four ways to wear leather in the workplace from your Denver leather store

June 17, 2021

Are you a leather lover looking to incorporate more of this incredible material into your work wardrobe? If so, your Denver leather store is here to help! Whether you are finally heading back into the office or just want to be the best dressed on Zoom, donning work-appropriate leather looks is easier than you think! If you are ready to impress your coworkers and showcase your leather pieces, follow these tips to wearing leather in the workplace.

Wear work-appropriate leather skirts and pants

While you may own a pair of snug-fitting leather pants or an ultra-short leather miniskirt, these pieces are often not suitable for the workplace. Luckily, there are a plethora of other options that are stylish and appropriate for afternoon meetings. We recommend investing in tailored leather options, like cigarette pants, wide-cut trousers, or leggings. Pair these options with a fitted shirt and blazer for an ultra-stylish work ensemble. For leather skirt options, we suggest investing in lengths that are just above or below the knee. You can also opt for full skirt styles, as these fantastic additions to your work wardrobe are flattering on any figure.

Pair professional ensembles with leather boots

While over-the-knee boots may seem too scandalous for the office, there are work-appropriate ways to style this leather trend. We suggest pairing this fabulous footwear option with skirts that fall at or below the knee. Slouchy over-the-knee boots are a great way to keep this option office friendly, especially when paired with a knee-length shirt dress or atop a pair of fitted leggings.

Drape leather jackets over dress clothes

If you are itching to show off your recent Denver leather jacket purchase to coworkers but fear it may not fit your office dress code- fret not! There are simple and stylish ways to do so. One easy solution is to wear your new bomber or café racer draped atop dress clothes. To pull off this style, simply wear your favorite classic work outfit, like a perfectly tailored button down and fitted trouser. Then, drape your leather jacket over your shoulders, instead of wearing it with your arms in the sleeves. This will add a touch of edgy elegance to your ensemble and allow you to showcase your jacket.

Add more leather accessories

One of the simplest ways to incorporate more leather into your work wardrobe is to add leather accessories to office outfits. From chunky leather belts that cinch at the waist to beautiful leather briefcases and satchels- there is a fun leather option for everyone. Whatever leather accessory you decide to invest in, we always recommend selecting quality leather goods that fit your body, budget, and lifestyle.

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