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Wear your Denver leather jacket even when it is warm out!

May 10, 2021

With temperatures on the rise across most of the country, you may be thinking it is too warm to wear your favorite Denver leather jacket. However, adorning your leather jacket in warm weather without overheating is much easier than you think! In fact, we have rounded up three of our favorite tips to keep you feeling (and looking) cool. So, if you are ready to rock your leather no matter the weather, check out our styling tricks below!

Choose a lightweight jacket in neutral shades

One of the easiest ways to keep comfortable in this must-have leather accessory is to pick jackets that are lightweight and in neutral shades. Although we all love a classic black style, this can soak up the sun’s rays and keep in heat. Instead, opt for lighter colors like nudes, tans, whites, or pastels. These hues will help keep overheating at bay while creating a chic style. Additionally, we recommend wearing jackets that are lightweight. We suggest avoiding quilted styles, as these have thicker interiors that are designed to keep you warm by trapping in body heat. Also, choose jackets that are constructed with thinner, rather than thicker, leather. These lightweight leather materials offer maximum breathability and can help keep you cool when temperatures rise.

Layer wisely

One of the easiest ways to stay cool while wearing your leather jacket in warmer weather is to layer with other lightweight clothing. Although this may seem obvious, what you wear under your jacket is extremely important to consider when styling your late spring and summer outfits. On warmer days, we suggest pairing your leather with tops made from fabrics like cotton, rayon, and linen, as these are some of the most breathable fabrics. Additionally, wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt or tank top underneath your leather jacket is a fantastic way to look effortlessly fashionable while keeping comfortable.  

Wear open or draped

Another easy solution to wearing your leather jacket in warm weather is to leave the front of it unzipped or unbuttoned. While you may prefer the look of your jacket closed in the front, this will trap in more body heat. Leaving your leather jacket opened will allow body heat to escape and help with air flow. If you live in an area that tends to be chillier in the mornings and afternoons but warmer in the evenings, you can also try draping your jacket over your shoulders. This elegant look is perfect for when you want to showcase your personal style, but not get too warm.  
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