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Taking care of your Denver leather jacket

May 3, 2021

From the classic bomber to cafe racer, there is truly a leather jacket for every style and taste. Your Denver leather jacket is a timeless piece that, when properly cared for, can last decades. However, many are unaware of the best practices when caring for their Denver leather apparel. At Jonval Leathers and Furs, we know all about the importance of leather upkeep. Because of this, we have compiled a few tips to keep your leather jacket looking fresh for years to come.  

“No wire hangers, ever!”

Much like oil and water, wire hangers and your Denver leather do not mix. Although this might seem a bit dramatic, wire hangers can severely alter your leather jacket, especially in the shoulders. Instead opt for a wide, preferably padded hanger. Be sure to hang your jacket in an area that is well ventilated and away from extreme heat or sun (see tip 3). You should also make it a habit to hang your jacket, rather than folding it. Keeping your leather jacket folded for extended periods of time can cause unwanted creases and other types of damage that may not be repairable.

Check the weather

Although we always encourage you to rock your Denver leather jacket, if there is significant rain on the horizon, it might be best to leave the leather at home. Prolonged exposure to a good deal of water (think torrential downpour) can cause damage. If your jacket does get caught in the rain, do not fret! Water exposure most likely will not ruin your prized possession but be sure to hang your leather jacket to dry on a proper hanger (see tip 1) away from direct heat as soon as you possibly can. If you live in an area with frequent rain, consider consulting with our leather specialists on waterproofing options and the best type of leather for your climate.

Clean and store properly

Do not put your Denver leather jacket in the washing machine (we are so serious). Tossing your leather jacket in the wash can cause irreparable damage and ruin your favorite leather piece. Instead, we highly recommend you utilize our outstanding cleaning services. For small stains, a slightly damp cloth can sometimes do the trick.
However, we highly suggest you consult with our experts before trying to remove any stains yourself. If you find a small hole or rip, do not try to mend it yourself. Instead, make an appointment with our fantastic team of tailors. When storing your leather jacket at home, be sure to keep it in a dry, well-ventilated space with plenty of room to breathe. Do not allow your jacket to be exposed to direct heat or sun, as this can severely dry out your leather, causing it to become brittle and crack.

If you have any questions about maintaining, repairing, storing, or cleaning your Denver leather or fur- we are here to help! Give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our fantastic inventory of leather and fur. Discover your perfect Denver leather jacket at Jonval Leather and Fur!