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Three reasons to add a leather jacket to your wardrobe from your Denver leather store

April 22, 2021

If you have been considering adding a quality Denver leather jacket to your wardrobe, we think now is the perfect time to buy! Stop wasting your money on faux pieces you only wear once. Instead, invest in a material that will fit you perfectly, last for years to come, and get better with age! If you still are not convinced, check out these three fantastic reasons to add this essential piece to your closet, below.

Leather jackets are versatile

From pairing perfectly with your favorite jeans and t-shirt to adding an edgy elegance to your favorite formal pieces, a Denver leather jacket goes with (just about) anything. One of the many reasons this outerwear option has remained a favorite of fashionistas, motorcyclists, punk rockers, and the average joe is its extremely versatile nature. From bright-colored, trendy designs that scream style to neutral toned, traditional fits that look great on anyone- the options for a leather jacket are seemingly endless (especially if you opt for a custom leather creation).

Leather offers durability and longevity

This extremely durable material lasts longer than you may think. In fact, a properly cleaned and cared for leather jacket can remain wearable for twenty years. Leather’s longevity is one of the many reasons your Denver leather jacket can remain a wardrobe staple for years (even decades) to come! Searching for a unique heirloom investment piece to pass down to a child or loved one? A high-quality leather jacket is just the thing! Also, because leather naturally forms to your body and gently wears over time, your jacket will look even better with age. Styles may change, but your Denver leather jacket will remain a fashionable favorite for years.  

Leather jackets are functional and fashionable

Leather jackets also offer great protection from the elements and can be worn in just about any season. Because leather is often very water resistant and offers warmth, this fabric is great for layering in the fall, winter, and spring! You can even wear your Denver leather in the summer, as many light leather jacket styles offer breathability. A leather jacket is also a great investment for motorcycle riders. Because leather offers superior insulation while also providing additional padding, this textile can help protect motorcyclists from the elements and injuries. Because there are lightweight and heavy-duty options, leather jackets are also fantastic at allowing a varying range of flexibility. However, no matter how heavy-duty your leather piece is, it will always offer endless amounts of comfort. Regardless of how and why you wear it, your leather jacket will keep you warm, dry, and (of course) stylish.

Are you searching for the perfect Denver leather jacket? We have an incredible selection! Check out the Jonval leather and fur gallery to view items available or visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue. You can also stop by to have your fur and leather pieces cleaned, stored, and repaired. Contact our experts today at (720) 377-1555 to learn more.