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Three things to consider when purchasing the perfect Denver leather jacket

March 29, 2021

With spring temperatures finally on the horizon, now is the perfect time to add a new Denver leather jacket to your outerwear arsenal! Versatile, durable, and always stylish- these timeless pieces pair perfectly with just about any spring outfit. If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a quality leather jacket, there are a few things you should think about before buying. From the fit and style to its purpose, our experts have rounded up three things we think you should consider prior to purchasing a leather jacket. Find out more below!

Its purpose

Whether you are buying a new leather jacket to stay warm when riding your motorcycle or simply to look chic while window shopping, recognizing the main purpose for your leather jacket is essential prior to purchasing. For example, those looking for added layers of protection and insulation may want to opt for a thicker leather jacket that offers wind resistance and extreme durability. However, those looking for something light and breathable to wear after work or on weekends may want to consider something thinner with a sleek, minimalist style. Always consider what activities you will be engaging in most while wearing your jacket.  

The style

The style of your jacket should be a reflection of your personal style. A great leather jacket can pair with just about anything. However, if it is not suited to your tastes, you may rarely (if ever) wear it. For those with an edgy spirit, you may want to consider the café racer or traditional motocross style. For those looking for something casual and sporty, a brown bomber jacket may be just the ticket. You can also have fun with styles boasting bright colors and interesting lengths, although these may not have the staying power classic cuts offer. When choosing your jacket style, we also suggest inspecting the jacket’s detailing. For a long-term piece, look for leather with minimal detailing (as these can date your jacket) and neutral colored hardware.

The fit

From shoulders that are too snug to sleeve and hem lengths that are too long, choosing a jacket that fits properly is one of the most important things to consider prior to purchasing a leather jacket. To make sure you find the perfect fit, we always recommend trying on your jacket before buying (if possible). We also suggest selecting a fit that allows for light layering. You do not want the jacket to be too baggy, but too tight will be uncomfortable and unflattering.

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