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Three things your Denver fur coat needs this spring

March 17, 2021

Whether you have just recently purchased a luxurious Denver fur coat or owned one for years, you may be wondering what you can do to keep it in pristine condition. If that is the case, the professionals at Jonval have you covered with a quick guide to getting your coat ready for warm weather retirement. Continue reading to find out more about our team’s expert tips and keep your fabulous fur in tip-top shape this spring season and beyond!

Professional Cleaning

Most experts agree, having your fur coat cleaned at least once a year is a must. However, it is extremely important this is done by an expert furrier. Attempting to clean your fur at home can dry out the pelt, leaving your investment piece incredibly brittle and potentially ruined. While you can have your fur cleaned and inspected any time of the year, we recommend utilizing this service in the spring. Because professional cleaning removes any dust, airborne particles, and other pollutants that may have accumulated in the fur’s hairs, dong this prior to retiring your coat for the season can help ensure it stays in pristine condition. As an added bonus, your fur will be clean, ready, and waiting for you once it is time to take it out of storage.

Repairs and/or Alterations

Spring is a fantastic time to have your fur repaired or altered. This is especially true if your coat has incurred any damage from perfumes, makeup, heavy accessories, or improper storage. Alterations can also be a great option for those who wish to repurpose their fur, update the coat’s design, or create a new silhouette. If you are looking to repair or alter your coat, we highly recommend taking it to a professional and knowledgeable tailor, like the team at Jonval. Repairing or altering your coat now, rather than in the fall, will give you more time to consider the changes you would like to make and ensure your coat is ready to go once temperatures get chilly.

Professional Storage

Because fur pieces require specific storage needs, our biggest piece of advice is to always utilize professional fur coat storage services whenever you retire your piece for the season. Improper storage of your coat can lead to severe (and sometimes irreparable) damages like dry or brittle pelts, mold growth, pest infestations, and fur deterioration. However, avoiding these problems is easy by utilizing Jonval’s professional storage vault. With a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, our vault is always the optimal setting for keeping your treasured piece in perfect condition.

If you have questions about cleaning, alterations, or are interested in our professional storage services- contact our experts at (720) 377-1555. Looking to purchase a new fur coat or leather jacket? We have an amazing selection! Check out the Jonval leather and fur gallery to view items available or visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue. You can also stop by to have your fur or leather pieces cleaned and repaired. Contact us today to learn more.