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Is it time to alter your Denver fur coat?

February 4, 2021

A quality Denver fur coat is a luxurious investment piece that can last decades. However, what do you do when your coat no longer fits your style, climate, or body? While you can always purchase a fabulous new fur to add to your collection (and we have some great styles), alterations are a great alternative for this durable and versatile material. With alterations, Jonval’s master furriers can transform your old, frumpy fur into something new and perfectly tailored to you. Still on the fence? Check out our list of common coat complaints that can be easily fixed with alterations, below!

The coat is too long

While you may have preferred a longer fur coat in the past, it is completely possible your needs have changed. Although long fur coats offer unbeatable warmth and comfort, they can seem bulky or unflattering to some. If your coat needs a makeover, shortening the hemline is a great option! A shorter hem can offer a less formal look and create a more flattering appearance, especially for those on the petite side. If you have recently relocated to a milder climate, consider shortening the coat to your waist. The shorter length will make rocking your favorite fur comfortable, even in milder temperatures.

Portions of the fur are damaged or matted

While fur is an incredibly versatile material, it can be easily damaged. If your coat has spots that have seen better days, you may be surprised at the many ways your fur can be saved! If your coat is composed of a fur that is longer in length, shearing is a terrific and easy option. By shortening the length of the fur, matted or damaged portions may be removed or camouflaged. Having an expert furrier, like the team at Jonval, repair and properly clean damaged or fragile areas on your coat may also be beneficial.

Your style has changed

If your style is constantly evolving, you may find yourself bored with the fur coat your once adored. While we love the classic fur coat styles, you may desire something a bit more fashion-forward. If this is the case, there are many alteration options for you. For those looking for something glamorous and dramatic- consider coloring your fur! Dyeing your fur coat a deep red or blue hue is a great way to stand out and look fierce. For those who prefer something with a vintage flair, try removing the sleeves to transform your favorite coat into your favorite vest.
If you are interested in updating your fur pieces or looking to purchase the perfect Denver fur coat, give our experts a call at (720) 377- 1555. To view our amazing selection of items, check out the Jonval leather and fur gallery or visit our showroom at 6880 East Evans Avenue. Did you know we also offer fur and leather storage for the upcoming spring and summer months? Our fur vault is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure the best care of your treasured pieces. Contact us today to learn more about all our fur, leather, and shearling services!