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Tips for breaking in your Denver leather jacket

January 13, 2021

One of the things people love the most about their Denver leather jacket is how it seems to get better with age. New leather jackets can sometimes feel a little stiff and uncomfortable, but this is easy to fix. Breaking in, or softening, your leather garment is easier than you think. If you have finally purchased the Denver leather jacket of your dreams, be sure to follow our tips to break it in properly.

Wear as much as possible

The absolute best way to break in your Denver leather jacket is to wear it as much as possible! Although you may be tempted to save your leather jacket for special occasions, this can make the breaking in process take much longer than necessary. Wearing your leather jacket helps the leather move, stretch, and breathe, enabling it to mold to your body over time. If you are working from home, try wearing it while you work. The constant arm and elbow movement can help wear down those areas, making them softer and more comfortable. Out for a walk, wear your leather jacket! You can look stylish and stay warm all while breaking in your leather jacket. Lounging around the house? Wear your jacket or drape it over you like a blanket. Wearing your jacket as much as possible is one of the easiest ways to get that leather soft and comfortable.

Consider conditioning

It is easy to forget that leather comes from an animal hide, so sometimes your leather may become a little dry. If you find after breaking in or wearing your jacket often it loses some of its suppleness, consider conditioning the leather. If you are unsure of what leather conditioner to use, contact our experts for advice. By conditioning your jacket, you will ensure it stays soft and supple for longer.
Know what to avoid

There are many things that can harm your leather jacket and being aware of what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do. When breaking in your Denver leather, it is key not to use unnecessary force. Although leather is known for being an extremely durable material, damage to your leather jacket can be difficult (or impossible) to repair. Because of this, avoid wearing your jacket during strenuous activities that could cause rips, tears, or holes . Also, be sure to check the garment’s label and care instructions. If your coat is made from a more delicate material, such as lamb or goatskin, be sure to take that into consideration while breaking it in. It is also important not to soak your leather jacket, as many materials do not respond well to water.  

If you have any questions about maintaining, repairing, storing, or cleaning your Denver leather or fur- we are here to help! Give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our fantastic inventory of leather and fur. Discover your perfect Denver leather jacket at Jonval Leather and Fur!