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Common leather myths busted by your Denver leather store

December 22, 2020

We get it, searching for the perfect Denver leather jacket can be difficult. From full grain to genuine leather, the options may feel overwhelming. With all the varying information available online, you may even find yourself wondering if you should invest in a real leather jacket. While it is true leather jackets never go out of style and are often the perfect accessory, misconceptions about leather may have you second guessing your decision. Because of this, the leather specialists at Jonval are here to debunk some of these common myths and help you buy confidently!

Myth 1: Faux leather is just as good as real leather

While you may think us biased, we assure you- we are not! When comparing faux or synthetic leather to quality, genuine Denver leather there is no competition. Faux leather is made from synthetic materials producing a stiff and glossy run-of-the-mill jacket. Whereas genuine leather jackets have a unique and supple texture as they are made from real, all-natural animal hides. Although faux leather may cost less, real leather jackets can outlive them by decades. In fact, these incredibly durable investment pieces can last nearly 20 years (or more) when properly cared for and cleaned. Beyond that, real leather is more protective, soft, flattering, and versatile than its faux counterpart.

Myth 2: Leather is impossible to clean and repair

Although we absolutely agree you should not try to clean or repair your Denver leather jacket at home, there are many other (much better) options. For cleaning, we typically recommend you take your jacket to a cleaner that specializes in leather, like the team at Jonval. For some leather jackets spot-cleaning minor spills or stains is a possibility. However, before you attempt to spot clean anything on your jacket be sure to check the care instructions or ask a leather expert for advice. For repairing, always use a tailor that is well-versed in leather alterations. As these can be very difficult and, if not done correctly, completely ruin your jacket. Our master leather tailors at Jonval are fantastic at minor and major repairs.

Myth 3: Leather jackets are uncomfortable

This myth could not be further from the truth. While brand new leather jackets can sometimes feel slightly stiff, as you wear down the jacket’s fibers the material will soften. The more frequently you wear your leather jacket, the faster this “breaking in” process will occur. Eventually the leather will wear and start to conform to your body. This adds to the individuality of the jacket and creates a piece that is perfect for you.

Are you ready to purchase the perfect Denver leather jacket? Look no further than Jonval Leathers and Furs! Visit us today at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our fantastic leather and fur showroom. For questions about purchasing, storing, or cleaning your leather or fur coat- contact our experts at 720-377-1555. With so many options to choose from, discover your perfect Denver leather jacket at Jonval Leathers and Furs.